CanadaPetCare was looking for a fresh channel to be able to reach out to their unique audience of pet parents without the hassle of asking them to subscribe to emails. They wanted to engage with their users and drive repeat traffic without annoying their users with intensive re-targeting via display ads.


One-stop Destination for Pet Care Products

CanadaPetCare is among the largest pet care suppliers in US and is a one-stop website for all kinds of pet care products. They provide branded and genuine pet supplies at affordable prices to pet parents that includes a wide range of heart and intestinal worming products, flea and tick treatments, supplements and even accessories. They ensure that they source their pet supplies directly from the manufacturers and authorized wholesalers under the careful supervision of their veterinarian so that there is no compromise on the quality of the products.


Engage and Retarget Users at Different Stages of the Funnel

Not being a traditional e-commerce, CanadaPetCare wanted a different route when it came to user engagement to amp up their conversions. They wanted to engage with their registered users as much as the non registered ones. This was proving to be a challenge as, without a valid email ID, they were unable to reach out to the latter segment regarding any product update, discount offers, etc. Not only that, even in the registered users' segment, the email open rates were plummeting due to spam filters and selective ignorance when it comes to promotional emails. The challenge with retargeting via display ads was along the similar lines too as banner blindness coupled with browser ad blockers were on the rise.

The team at CanadaPetcare started researching the various marketing channels that were available and wanted to try out web push notifications as it seemed to be able to negate the forces of ad-blockers and spam filters. Zeroing in on iZooto did not take much time due to the hassle-free integration, ease of use and the constant support that they received.



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Gathering Sustainable Subscribers

CanadaPetCare, with the help of iZooto’s Onboarding team, implemented push notifications in less than an hour with minimal tech intervention. And since then, there was no looking back. They started to acquire subscribers at a rapid pace and within just 4 weeks of implementation, built a subscriber base of 5K+. This rate of growth provided them with a very sizable list for experimenting with various types of campaigns as per their marketing goals and plans.


Scaling Engagement with Curated Content

Post implementation, CanadaPetCare started pushing campaigns on a daily basis. These campaigns, that were pushed to the entire base were related to the various ongoing offers, flash sales, and new product additions. Apart from this, exclusive campaigns for the new subscribers were also pushed with unique offerings like additional discounts.

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The design and content team paid special attention to the messaging of these campaigns so that the right emotion gets evoked among the pet parents subscribed to the website.

These consistent campaigns with specially crafted content performed extremely well with near-perfect CTRs which were 25x of the current email and display campaigns. Even the repeat traffic increased significantly and within just 3 months, CanadaPetCare added an additional revenue of $30K+. This bumped their overall revenue in that quarter by more than 3%!



Right from implementing web push notifications till sending tailored campaigns, iZooto has helped us tremendously in improving our engagement with site users. They have one of the best support team in the industry.

- Kislay P, Online Marketing Manager



User Segmentation is the Key

The next line item was user segmentation given the fact that CanadaPetCare catered to dog, cat, bird and horse owners and the needs and supplies for each of these animals were widely different. The Customer Success team at iZooto, helped in segmenting the users not just on the basis of this but also on the basis of a subscriber’s activity. For instance - someone who recently viewed a product catalog page. Using the Audience Builder feature, custom audiences were created focusing on precisely these segments and well-crafted campaigns that included contextual messaging and banner images were then pushed out to them. And voila, these laser focussed campaigns increased the engagement and also upped the transactions by 20%!

retargeting category visitor filter

retargeting category visitor notification


Retargeting campaigns hit Bull’s eye!

In order to further maximize the conversions and close all potential sales, both teams started concentrating on the bottom of the marketing funnel - targeting the abandoned cart subscribers. With reminders that were pushed after 1 day of abandoning the cart, it ensured that subscribers got reminded about their interesting products which led them back to the website to either modify the cart or in most cases complete the transaction. Special discounts were also introduced in order to maximize the impact of cart abandonment campaigns. This further boosted the CTRs and brought in a 2x revenue from iZooto to what it was earlier!

recovering abandoned carts filter

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Clocking Crazy Conversions

With the help of iZooto, CanadaPetCare was not only able to drive serious repeat traffic and gain a substantially sizable and loyal subscriber base but also clocked the crazy conversions without causing any ad fatigue.

With a revenue of $30K in a quarter, iZooto is contributing 2.45% to the total sales for CanadaPetCare. Web push notifications as a channel has been hugely successful as it is scaling effectively with a positive curve. From sale alerts to price drops to product announcements, the marketing team at CanadaPetCare has leveraged iZooto superbly to increase their overall sales.

"As an engagement channel web push notifications have been a huge success for our website and we were able to pilot the good number of sales. The custom curated solutions provided by iZooto have always worked in our favor. Choosing iZooto was just the right decision that we made."

- Kislay P, Online Marketing Manager

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