HDFC Bank was looking out for a tool to help them engage with their visitors, and re-target drop-offs. After a lot of research, they zeroed down to web push notifications to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. 


Making Banking Easy

HDFC was ranked 69th in 2016 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. It has 84,325 employees and has a presence in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Dubai, and India. It is India’s largest bank by market capitalization. It is also a market leader when it comes to its digital offerings - 10-second personal loan, Chillr, PayZapp, SME Bank, Watch Banking, 30-Minute Auto Loan, 15-minute Two-Wheeler Loan, e-payment gateways, Digital Wallet, et al.


Engaging and Retargeting Drop-offs

The Social Business and New Media team at HDFC Bank is constantly on the hunt for new tools and platforms to help them improve their outreach and user engagement efforts. Banks in India operate under stringent regulations and third-party tools are audited thoroughly before implementation. After clearing the security audit, the team identified retargeting for the banking products as the key focus area.

The following products were identified

  • Personal Loan
  • Two Wheeler
  • Credit Card Loan
  • Car Loan


Retargeting DropOffs Using Web Push Notifications

The application process for Banking products and services is a tedious one as it involves several steps and critical validations such as income segment, employment type et al. This is also required to ensure that only valid leads are passed onto the sales team for closure.

The application process typically involves the following steps:


HDFC Lead Generation Process


At each step, users are expected to fill in specific details which get further validated. For instance, the mobile number is validated using a One Time Password.

Given the length and sophistication of the process, the drop off rates is considerably high with some categories observing drop off rates upwards of 95%!



Click Through Rate


Subscribers within 8 Weeks


CTR Compared to Email


User Segmentation for Personalized Communication

HDFC team had drilled down and identified web push notification as the preferred channel for user communication and decided to use iZooto's user engagement platform for the same.



"We had learned about web push notifications and were excited about exploring this channel. iZooto seemed like the apt platform for us to try."

- Pranesh Suvarna, Manager, Innovations New Media & Social



Given the security protocols to maintain the sanctity of user data, banks usually operate on HTTPS protocol and HDFC Bank was no different. The challenge was the platform on which the website itself was developed and maintained. HDFC Bank’s website was on ASP.NET platform which required a custom implementation. With the help of iZooto’s Implementation Team, this was accomplished within 2 days and HDFC Bank quickly went to build a base of over 100K subscribers within 8 weeks!


Audience Segmentation

iZooto’s Customer Success team along with HDFC Bank’s team identified the critical conversion path for every product. To ensure segmentation right from the word go, tags were identified and implemented at critical points to identify the users who were dropping off. To start off, the following tags were identified -

  • Users Accessing A Specific Product

  • Users Completing The Application Process

Using the audience builder, specific segments were made to identify the areas where users were dropping off.



To gauge the response of the users across the 4 categories, campaigns were crafted across the 4 product verticals - Personal Loan, Credit Card, Car Loan and Two Wheeler Loan. iZooto’s Customer Success team worked with the HDFC communications team sharing best practices at the right time to communicate.

best time to send notification basis industry


Driving CTRs Through the Roof

The result of using web push over other marketing channels was tremendous. Web push leveraged better results because of features like customization and local time notification delivery. Via a few campaigns itself, a surge of improvement was seen. The graph below shows how different campaigns and campaign names play a vital role in maximizing the results.


Campaign performance


HDFC saw a tremendous change in click-through rates and conversion rates as compared to emails. There was a huge improvement in the way customers engaged with the former. A detailed analysis of the same is provided below-

Web Push Compared with Email


Impact on CTR

Impact on Conversion Rate

Personal Loan 12X 2X
Credit Card 10X 3.5X
Two Wheeler Loan 15X 1.5X
Car Loan 14.5X 2.3X

We sent targeted notifications to our users across India at the recommended time. The click through rates that we saw were astonishing.

- Pranesh Suvarna, Manager, Innovations New Media & Social

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