With a presence across 4 continents, this leading travel and hospitality brand caters to a niche audience with a high membership fee. The annual subscription/membership allows their members to access family holiday services globally. They were looking for a solution which would help them engage with their website traffic over a period of time and generate high quality leads. 


Market Leader in the Family Holiday Business

Club Mahindra is part of the Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group. They offer exciting offers and provide quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships. They own 50+ resorts in some of the most exotic and enchanting locations in India and abroad. 


Generating High-Quality Leads

While the website attracts substantial traffic from conventional means such as search engine marketing and social ads, it also has a very limiting visitor to lead conversion ratio. This is primarily attributed to the high ticket size offering and a longer sales cycle. The critical point here is - lead qualification. More than 80% of leads fail to meet the qualifying criteria.

The problem statement was two-fold:
-Engaging with website visitors over a period of time
-Generating High-Quality Leads for the Sales Funnel




Leads in less than 8 weeks


Average CTR


Leads to Appointment Ratio


Initiating User Engagement from Day 0

The solution they identified to engage these users was web push notification and decided to use iZooto’s platform to execute this. With iZooto’s 1 Click Solution, the brand started converting their web traffic into subscribers. Within a span of 10 weeks, they had acquired 84K loyal subscribers.

Given the niche nature of the audience and for maintaining the brand image, 8 campaigns were crafted with a clear call to actions in order to re-target two types of end users:

-Users not visiting the lead form page
-Users visiting the lead submission page but not completing the form

The campaign content effectively talked about:
-Sale Promotion
-Recently launched global resorts 



"We were impressed by how easily we can reach out to our website audience even when they were not on our website. The reach is wide and timely too, unlike emails which can go unlooked for days altogether. It also helped us to segment our users basis what activities they performed on our website and accordingly target them with contextual notifications."

- Saumitra Korgaonkar, General Manager 




Engaging Users Like Never Before

With iZooto, Club Mahindra was not only able to engage with their users effectively but also generated high-quality leads.

"I love the iZooto team for their speed of execution and proactive support. They pushed us to ensure we saw the success of using the tool. Would definitely recommend it to people looking for push notifications."

-Saumitra Korgaonkar, General Manager

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