FSAstore.com and HSAstore.com are the only websites in the United States that stock exclusive FSA and HSA eligible products. They are committed to making healthcare simple and convenient for their customers so that not only do they get quality products and services at the click of a button but also get educated regarding the usage of their funds. Having to handle both a POS model and an educative one, their marketing strategy is quite exhausted and challengingly complicated one.


Leader in the health e-commerce space

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) are employer-based health programs that allow people to set aside tax-free money for medical products and services. This is availed by a significant part of the American working class to purchase something as small as a band-aid to something as big as a wheelchair, and from acupuncture to quit smoking programs.

 Launched in 2010, FSAstore.com is one of the fastest growing companies making healthcare and drug purchase a transparent no-guessing game. Launched 5 years later, HSAstore.com followed suit and together these two websites not only host a catalogue with thousands of FSA and HSA products but also offer an exhaustive list of the eligible services.


Send quick reminders to educate customers and boost sale

Being fairly recent but a game changer in their chosen field, the digital marketing team managing both these two stores is always on the lookout for newer channels of engaging with its consumers. Especially since their motive is not just to drive sales but also to help consumers effectively exhaust their allocated funds by creating personalized health solutions, they continuously test, tweak and optimize their campaigns to ensure that the consumers get the maximum bang for their buck.

Of course, email newsletters talk about points redemption and which products are discounted, etc, but the digital marketing team wanted a more in-the-moment communication channel. Something that could act as a reminder and advocate for their consumers without the latter having to rummage their mailboxes or stay constantly on the website.



Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Sale


Boost in Push Notification Revenue in Q4


Web push notifications from iZooto helped them address their two massive needs

  • It drives more conversions via promotional notifications that talk about the various products and discounts and targets the entire marketing funnel via retargeting campaigns.
  • It provides quick access to information on FSA/HSA points and perks via drip campaigns focused on usage and benefits


Tailored Campaigns to the rescue

Right from the start, the Customer Success Team at iZooto worked closely with the Marketing Team of FSAstore.com/HSAstore.com. The bigger picture always remained intact - continuous engagement with their audience but with respect to their privacy and attention to their activity and preferences.

An exhaustive strategy for web push notifications that covered the entire customer journey - right from the time consumers browse through different products to the time they redeem their points got created and executed. This intense yet beautiful execution led to a  tailored engagement with their audience. There was no one fit for all campaigns that got pushed to everyone but rather carefully crafted content specific to audience segments were getting pushed each day.

Notification and audienc


The results of this attention to detail and meticulous planning was right in front of the eyes in the form of an amazing conversion rate of ~5%. The same level of planning got executed when the re-targeting campaigns were getting configured. Abandoned cart reminders spaced apart after crucial data analysis bumped the sales by ~35%.

 Erin-FSAstore (1)


Maximizing in Q4

The final quarter, and especially the month of December is the time for peak sale period in e-commerce. FSAstore.com and HSAstore.com are no exception. However, for these two stores, the entire of the last quarter leading to December also means the deadline for the FSA perks expiration. Highly targeted drip campaigns catering exclusively to this get configured so that consumers are reminded religiously about the approaching deadline and also how they can utilize the last of their funds wisely.


FSAstore - 3


The impact of these campaigns is such that they contributed to ~40% of the sales coming from iZooto in December alone, as consumers rush to the website after the reminder appears on their screens to purchase FSA/HSA eligible products rather than forfeiting their tax-free dollars.

This quarter marks a very important time when it comes to conversions and engagement and the numbers prove for themselves. With a 182% session increase month on month, the revenue from web push notification shoots up by 111%!


Personalized Triggered Campaigns

With the help of Playbooks, which are essentially triggered and personalized notifications campaigns, FSAstore.com opened the windows to an even more contextual approach of engagement. For every stage of the customer journey, personalized campaigns got auto-scheduled and retargeting became even more effective.




Observed a significant spike

Today FSAstore.com and HSAstore.com count iZooto as a key component of their marketing stack. iZooto is a key revenue contributor and a crucial game changer for their marketing strategy.

Using iZooto has helped the store in significantly increasing its conversion rate and ultimately sales. The store experienced a spike in the conversion rate by ~5% and sales by ~35%.  Personalizing the notifications increased the revenue by another 124%, with a 46% increase in the total number of transactions!


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