StreetStyleStalk had been looking for a way to communicate with its daily site visitors aiming to close the potential sales which might get missed due to the lack of user engagement. When exploring other channels to help them negate their issues, they came across browser push notifications and decided to venture with it. Singling out iZooto, they installed the plugin from the Shopify app store without any delay. As the plugin ensures a 1 click activation, there was no need for their marketing team to spend time on any development or coding efforts. And right after the implementation, they started to build a strong marketing list by gathering over 5k subscribers within just 4 weeks. They now had the means to reach out to people who were reluctant to create an account and/or dropped off anywhere in the buying journey.


Pocket-Friendly Fashion Store

StreetStyleStalk is a one-point budget fashion stop for women’s apparel and footwear. From that dainty floral dress to that shimmering party outfit, from fancy corset shoes to effortlessly comfortable flats; StreetStyleStalk has something for every occasion. All of this, without poking a hole in your pocket! The website offers several discounts almost on a daily basis over and above their reasonable prices meaning that people can dive in for a guilt-free shopping. This is why it has been rightly called a fashion paradise for women.


Engaging Users to Convert Better

In today's era of online shopping, shoppers are obsessed with the ease of purchase along with a flexibility of returns. With a plethora of e-commerce stores vying with each other to grab the shopper's response, it has become increasingly important for stores to step it up a notch and focus on genuine and personalized engagement. This personalized engagement becomes quite challenging when there is no unique identifier like an email address or a phone number, let alone a name. On top of this, with the rising problem of banner blindness, expecting conversions purely from display ads is like waiting for a surprise gift every single month from your partner - possible but not proven or scalable!



Return on Investment


Conversion Rate



Total Sales from iZooto


Segmenting to Reach the Right Users

When it comes to user segmentation, identifying your users basis their interest and activities on the website is the holy grail of marketing. There is a simple reason behind this - the ability to target them with contextual campaigns. And since StreetStyleStalk implemented iZooto’s Shopify plugin, the required tracking started happening from day 0 itself. Leveraging this, they segmented their subscribers focussing primarily on the middle of the marketing funnel in order to tackle abandoned product visits.



We have always experimented with different marketing tools. The idea that with iZooto we could build a marketing list without asking for the personal details of the users really excited us. The team at iZooto is quite responsive and is always there when you need them.

- Vinay Rana - Marketing Manager



Enticing content specific to a particular collection and product was crafted for each of these campaigns and set on auto-pilot mode to ensure consistency. The result - a 2x conversion from these campaigns alone resulting in a 50% increase in the total revenue from iZooto.

Users interested in a particular category were targeted with contextual notifications.

engagement filter


engagement notification


iZooto Playbooks Hitting the Bulls Eye

StreetStyleStalk being a Shopify Store is one of the early adopters of iZooto’s latest product release - ‘Playbooks’. Playbooks are essentially a series of drip campaigns with personalized content. With the help of these campaigns, not only can retargeting happen within minutes of a subscriber abandoning his/her cart but he/she would also see the image of the exact product that they had left in the cart. This magnified the impact almost tenfold! 

30 Minutes


2 Hours


24 Hours


Conversions coming out of iZooto are 3x when compared with paid campaigns standing at a solid 45%. More than 70% of the campaigns had a conversion rate of 10% which resulted in StreetStyleStalk receiving 2.4% of its total sales from iZooto! And in just 4 weeks of implementation, they achieved a 10x ROI! 

StreetStyleStalk has not only been able to reach out to all their customers and visitors but also have managed to create another channel to amp up their overall sales. As the performance of web push has remained consistent, it's scaling up really well with the flood of traffic that the website receives.


We always look forward to new feature releases and Playbooks are just amazing! Being an early adopter, we can already see the impact they can have.

- Vinay Rana - Marketing Manager

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