Fast-growing SuperCoder, is on a mission to make the life of practicing physicians simpler. But they were facing trouble trying to engage all the users who visited their site. They were looking out for a solution that can help build their marketing list quicker and help them engage their users. 


Helping Physicians Practice Coding Information

Over 60,000 coders, physicians, and consultants rely on the SuperCoder’s medical coding and billing tools for practical coding information in more than 30 medical specialties.


Engagement Stuck In Neutral Gear

As a company in the technology space, it knew that embracing inbound marketing made sense, but it hadn’t yet found the right tool to help it achieve its goals.

SuperCoder's web traffic was above the 650K Monthly visits mark when they started their hunt for the idea user engagement solution. User communication using CRM is strictly limited to email only. Even with highly targeted and personalized emails, there were two key problems that the marketing team faced.

- Email Subscribers were limited and growing at a very slow pace
- Clicks and Conversions from the usual channels including Social and Email were stagnant



"I had interacted with the iZooto team during AdTech and was excited about leveraging push notifications as a communication channel. As an early adopter of iZooto, I was excited by the possibilities that it offered. Once we got our hands on it, I wasn’t disappointed."

-Aditya Jaitly, Marketing Lead, SuperCoder





Increase in Time Spent


Leads Generated


Leads Converted


Contextual Notifications

With over 650K visitors, SuperCoder’s first and foremost focus was to convert their web traffic on both mobile and desktop into Subscribers. Over 70% of web traffic for was still on the Desktop web, because of the niche nature of the offering.

Activating Web Push Notifications

Activating on was not a time-consuming process and within a day of Signup, they were on their way to convert traffic into active subscribers. Given the nature of the audience and the strength of the brand, the Subscription rate to start with was as high as 20%. Over the past 5 months, SuperCoder has swiftly scaled and acquired over 65K Subscribers.

User Engagement

SuperCoder started with its user engagement activity and
started pushing contextual notifications. Notification content
focused on driving user awareness and knowledge building. 







The frequency of communication was maintained at once per week. This ensured that the end subscribers did not feel spammed.


Generating Leads and Driving Repeat Traffic

The results with web push notifications were almost instantaneous. Over a period of 6 months, SuperCoder has generated over 20K repeat sessions.



"iZooto has solved a unique problem for us and we have seen fantastic results– I would advise anyone who is thinking seriously about user engagement to consider the iZooto platform."

-Aditya Jaitly, Marketing Team Lead, SuperCoder

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