Zookr was searching for a solution to engage with their users aiming to drive repeat traffic and increase the number of conversions by targeting users based on their performed activity on the website.


An Accessories Inventory that Stands Out

Zookr, India's No.1 e-tailer specializes in accessories stocking over 10,000 products in inventory. Zookr operates with a core principle - provide the best accessories to their customers at most competitive price range with the additional advantage of product reliability and delivery promptness. The key mojo is their 24/7 discounted and competitive pricing.


Tackling Drop-offs at Different Stages of the Funnel

Zookr wanted a one-stop solution for not only informing their visitors about the flash sales and discounts running on the website but also to solve the problem of drop-offs that were happening at various stages of the conversion funnel affecting their potential sales. And on top of that without making them sign up anywhere on the website or collecting their email IDs, this was proving to be a mammoth task. With more and more people enabling ad blockers, the display ads were also not able to deliver the desired outcome. Hence their biggest challenge was to find a solution for engaging those anonymous visitors and as and when required retarget for possible conversions.



We were able to maximize the value from our website traffic with just a simple integration using iZooto!

- Rhitiman Majumder, CEO



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Segmenting Users to Target Better

Zookr, with the help of the Customer Success team at iZooto, lost no time in segmenting their audience on the basis of their activity and position in the marketing funnel - focussing primarily on the mid and bottom. Using the Audience Builder feature, custom audiences were created based on a subscriber’s most recent activity. Several contextual notifications were set as per the subscription date of a user. This ensured that the communication for each campaign was laser-focused and contextual for that very audience set, leading to more engagement and effectively more conversions.

Basis a user’s subscription date different contextual campaigns were set on system generated segments for better engagement. A user who had subscribed 1 day ago was sent a notification that focused on a hot offer available exclusively for new users. Similarly, more contextual campaigns were set for subscribers who subscribed 7 days and 15 days ago.

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Targeted Notifications Drive Crazy Sales

After segmenting their audience, Zookr started pushing contextual and targeted mid-funnel campaigns on regular basis focusing on daily offers and discounts. The results were jaw-dropping post setting up these campaigns as, within a week, the CTRs doubled while the number of transactions increased by 50%!

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Next, the focus was shifted to the bottom of the marketing funnel and abandoned cart campaigns came into the picture. Reminding users to complete their purchase and retargeting them back to the website made a huge impact in retrieving those lost sales. Not only did it boost the CTRs by an additional 40% but the revenue from iZooto also became 3x to what it was earlier.

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Real-Time Retargeting Campaigns 

In order to further maximize the conversions of the automated cart-abandonment campaigns, the Customer Success Team at iZooto suggested that the recency of the campaigns be decreased from 24 hours to 1 hour. The motive was to target the subscribers right at the time when their buying intent was at its peak. This small change led to a tremendous increase in the number of transactions from these campaigns and effectively shot the overall revenue coming out of iZooto by another 2x!

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Closing all potential sales via retargeting campaigns

With the help of iZooto, Zookr was not only able to engage with their site visitors effectively but also close all potential sales via retargeting campaigns focussing on all stages of the marketing funnel.

Conversions coming out of iZooto are 5x when compared with paid campaigns standing at a solid 77%. With more than 70% of the campaigns hitting a CTR of above 5%, Zookr received 2% of its total sales from iZooto alone in just 8 weeks with a 21x ROI!

Zookr has not only been able to reach out to all their customers and visitors but also managed to create another channel to amp up their overall sales. As the performance of web push has remained consistent, it's scaling up really well with the flood of traffic that the website receives.


Clocking Crazy Conversions

With the help of iZooto, CanadaPetCare was not only able to drive serious repeat traffic and gain a substantially sizable and loyal subscriber base but also clocked the crazy conversions without causing any ad fatigue.

With a revenue of $30K in a quarter, iZooto is contributing 2.45% to the total sales for CanadaPetCare. Web push notifications as a channel has been hugely successful as it is scaling effectively with a positive curve. From sale alerts to price drops to product announcements, the marketing team at CanadaPetCare has leveraged iZooto superbly to increase their overall sales.

iZooto is a great tool when it comes to engagement. The powerful segmentation feature has enabled us to target our subscribers effectively and multiplied our conversions.

- Rhitiman Majumder, CEO

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