Get Accurate Performance Reports

Connect your iZooto Account with Google Analytics and get engagement metrics such as page views, average session duration, total session, and returning subscribers. 

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Compare iZooto's Performance Against
Other Channels

Identify and segment iZooto subscribers and compare them with other segments to know how iZooto's performance.


Powerful Segments To Create


  • Segment based on demographic

    Create segments based on age, gender and launguage, to get accurate data on the kind of audeince you have, to craft notifications accordingly.

  • Segment based on device

    Device based segments helps you get insights on the kind of device readers interact with better, letting you target your best content on that device at the right time.

  • Segment based on custom behaviour

    This segment would help you define the 'loyal' or 'dormant' subscribers on conditions such as Number of Sessions, Session Duration, Days since last session.

How Other Publishers Are Making
The Most Out Of This


New And Returning

You can track both new and returning subscribers coming from iZooto's push notifications. Get insights on the number of iZooto subscribers who revisit your website in the chosen timeframe.






Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is a subset of behavioral analytics where rather than looking at all readers as one unit, you break them into related groups for analysis.  You can directly compare iZooto subscribers as one of the cohorts and measure user engagement over time.

Track Acquisitions

Compare the acquisition numbers of iZooto with other channels to draw an inference. Choose a time frame you want to see the data for and start tracking the number of subscribers acquired. With this, you can also see how many iZooto subscribers have directly visited you website as well.




Track All Performance In A Single Page

Create a secondary dashboard on Google Analytics exclusively for iZooto push notifications.
You will be able to track engagement metrics, add more widgets metrics and track
overall view of the performance in one place without jumping to multiple pages.



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