Drip Notification Campaigns To Automate User Engagement
With Drip Notifications, you can turn passive users into an active engaged audience. Web push notifications help you nurture your leads, build strong brand recall and encourage them to engage with your brand.
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Introducing Marketing Automation with Web Push Notifications

Setup your automated drip notification campaigns with just 1 click and put your user engagement on an auto pilot mode. Drip Notification Campaigns enable you to nurture your subscribers and convert them into customers.

Right User. Right Notification. Right Time.

When a visitor subscribes to your notifications, Welcome Drip Notification Campaign kicks in and then automatically sends notifications to new subscribers. You can pre-define notification calendar for each subscriber on the basis of which location they are from or which device they have subscribed from. Delighting your users with timely communication, and cater to different user personas, different user behaviour, and different user journeys with automated drip campaigns.
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop

Precision in Targeting with Actionable Notifications

iZooto segments users on the basis of their activity on website - whether they have filled a form or completed checkout process. You can then retarget these segments by setting up automated drip campaigns and bring them back to your website. No more worrying about users abandoning your website or dormant users. Bring them back in a jiffy.
Measure Performance, in Real Time
For each notification you push, you’ll find a summary of how that notification campaign performed. You will also clearly see how many users viewed your notification, and clicked on your notification. From here, you can access how your audience is responding to different call to action buttons and use this information to optimize your future campaigns.