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Your Brand Holds A Unique Appearance.

Why Standardize Its Subscriptions?

Every media company uses a set of colors and themes that best represents its brand. Personalize your notification permission prompt so that your readers feel resonated, just the way they do with your website.  






Add The Taste Of Your Brand To
Your Subscriptions


Mainstreams don't stand out. Leave the years-old grey box behind and choose from a list of 8 custom permission prompts (for both mobile and desktop) to create a delightful subscription experience.. (2)-1



Let Every Page Speak Differently


Your audience likes it when valued. Use page-level personalization and create different prompt messaging for all your powerful pages like news categories, highlights, events, etc. 

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Greet Your Audience With A
Welcome Notification


Activate the Welcome Playbook to offer a delightful experience to all new subscribers and make them familiar with your website with the first notification itself.


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18% - is the average traffic contribution seen by most of the publishers using iZooto. 

After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. After using it for 3 months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month.


CEO @Philnews

The best thing about using iZooto is that it’s easy to use. I love the simple and extensive dashboard with all the information a publisher needs and it comes with a capacity to identify the right audience mix as well.


Content Syndication Manager @Jagran

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Retention Playbooks You Simply Can't Ignore

Welcome Your Audience

Engage your audience from day zero. Create a series of notifications that would be sent to them over a few days once they subscribe. Delight them and bring them back to your website. 

Recover Abandoned Tabs

Every time a user drops off from your website and start browsing another website, notify them about their incomplete read and bring them back, without burning your $$s on remarketing ads!

Recover Video Watch-Time

Recover your lost views with the new in less than 5 minutes! Send a reminder to bring viewers back users who did not watch a video to completion and recover some of your lost video sessions. 

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