How &ME Is Becoming Women's Best Friend

Cramps that make you want to rip your stomach out, mood swings that could turn you from Buddha to Ma Kali in seconds and a bloated body that makes you feel like you have swallowed a balloon - every woman can resonate with this. While periods is natural, menstruation is always talked in hushed voices. At a time like this, &ME has boldly come up with a brand exclusively for women, that sells India's first PMS drink. Know their journey of how they built a beverage brand around beauty, menstruation, and fitness. 

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."
-Diane Mariechild, Author

At a time when we claim to have socially evolved, talking about menstruation is still considered a taboo, in most parts of India. When it is 'that time of the month', what goes through a woman's body and mind is beyond comprehension, but most women are tight-lipped. Some women also suffer from PCOS, but there are hardly any natural products that help them fight it. 

While there are numerous products built every other day, there are no beverage brands that specifically caters to women's well being. But &ME has broken all shackles and has built a beverage brand to help women in the world to experience happier periods. 

Ankur Goyal, Founder of &ME shares his experience of building a brand exclusively for women. He takes us through the journey of creating a new category of beverages and how they are ensuring wellness for women one drink at a time. Know how they convinced retailers to sell their products and their marketing strategy to retain users. &ME has become more than just a brand that celebrates womanhood; it has become a part of women's lives. 

Time-Stamped Key Notes


01:23 - What made an IITian start off with his own company

02:49 - The journey from Paperboat, to MBA from Stanford, to &ME

03:48 - The woman behind the inspiration of &ME

05-20 - Solving functionality by a projecting a product differently 

07:32 - The experience of create a new category of beverages 

10:40 - How to get retailers to sell products are not spoken about openly

13:06 - People used to confuse &ME drinks with juice. The marketing campaign they initially worked on.

15:13- Thought process that goes behind packaging

17:16 - Their marketing strategy to encourage purchase

19:15 - Should entrepreneurs take content marketing seriously?

21:24 - How to make customers come back for more

23:28 - Online vs offline sales

24:14 - How they are recycling 100% of their bottles

27:10 - What goes behind getting funded? How should one go about it?

29:40 - Words of caution for entrepreneurs






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Ankur Goyal &ME


Ankur Goyal

Ankur is a recent MBA graduate from Stanford. He is passionate about Indian Consumer market and recently moved to India to start his food & beverage company. He is an Industrial engineer from IIT Delhi. He has extensive experience in food & beverage world in India. He worked for 3 years with Nestle - setting up a Noodle R&D Center, transferring technology from Nestle Singapore and working on Product Development (Noodles). He also played instrumental role as Innovation Officer at PaperBoatDrinks - setting up a factory in Mysore, handling new product innovation and introducing new production technologies.
He is the founder of Merhaki Foods, that owns the brand &Me - Women's Health Drinks.

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About &Me

&ME is a Women's health brand that provides nutritional solutions for women's daily lifestyle challenges. It was founded with an aim to fill the gap in women’s nutrition and the lack of women centric food products in India. According to research, 70% of Indian women, aged 15-49, are anaemic, 30% suffer from PCOS and 80% have chances of osteoporosis due to the lack of Calcium and Vitamin D.

The brand has range of PMS & PCOS drinks that combines ancient Ayurvedic herbs and modern nutrition to meet the fast-paced lifestyle of modern women.

&ME drinks are a combination of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and flowers. It comprises 30% of women’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements and are carefully curated to match their busy stressful lifestyle, sophisticated taste buds and are packaged to fit their purse.

Read more about &Me at

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