How Keeros Is Disrupting The Junk Food Market

Fried chips? Keep 'em coming. Samosas? Why not. Burgers? Hallelujah!

Have you ever had a full course meal and then after a few hours gorged on unhealthy snacks and then felt guilty about it?  Seems like you are stuck in a habit loop. Keeros comes across a fresh breath of air, that is on a mission to replace junk in the habit loop with healthy snacks. Know the journey of Keeros, on how their roasted Supersnacks is becoming the default munching snack.

Unhealthy munching is wrecking our health. We hog on to anything and everything (mostly junk food) that we get our hands onto to satisfy our mid-meal hunger pangs. Did you know that Americans spend more on snacks and less on actual real food? This unhealthy 'munching' is slowly deteriorating our immune system, messing up the functioning of our body and an increase in obesity. And India is not far from this. 

While the health conscious have their meals sorted out, but they are usually skeptical when it comes to snacking. Need I say that the diabetic does not have many options to choose from in the first place. 

Keeros places itself as a 'Supersnack that is healthy for all and safe for diabetics'. In the 4th Episode of The Impatient Marketer, Krishna Awatar Singh, COO of Keeros talks about the journey of building a brand that is healthy and yet caters to both ends of the taste spectrum, standing out of the crowd. He talks about the importance of choosing the right test market, marketing the brand right and explains how to retain consumers so that they come back for more. See how they built a brand that speaks to every tummy that is growling.

Time-Stamped Key Notes


01:20 - What made Krishna, who has a 20 years experience in FMCG and healthcare, choose Keeros

03:17 - The story behind the name 'Keeros'

03:55 - What makes Keeros a Supersnack?

04:40 - How did you arrive at safe for diabetics?

06:25 - What was the inspiration behind using Himalayan pink salt?

07:10 - Creating a product that is not a 'One-Time' thing for the consumers

08:13 - Striking a balance between both tasty and healthy

08:53 - Choosing the right test market and convincing them to try out a healthy product

10:24 - Eating healthy is an urban concept. Are people aware of eating right?

13:05 - How have you promoted your brand pan India to convince people to switch to a healthier lifestyle?

14:24 - How do you know that your brand is making the cut?

15:42 - Approach to fan building and secret sauce to retain customers?

16:57 - We live in the Amazon age, do you think it makes sense to have a store?

19:20 - India is by far a price sensitive country, do you think it impacts the health and food industry?

21:15 - Words of wisdom for entrepreneurs





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The Impatient Marketer- Krishna of Keeros


Krishna Awatar Singh

Krishna is the Chief Operating Officer at Keeros Foods Pvt Limited. He has done his MBA and has 20 Years of experience across FMCG, Lubricants and Healthcare in the areas of Sales, RTM and Sales Training, FCPA Compliance. He has strong people management skills and has managed stakeholders across geographies, contributing to success in various roles.

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About Keeros


KEEROS is an early stage, fast growing consumer brand of Roasted super-snacks which is healthy for all & safe for diabetics. Their Vision is to build a successful Indian FMCG multinational company with a portfolio of blockbuster brands and products in the healthy food’s category having - Supersnacks, Superfoods & Superdrinks as sub categories. 

Keeros is working towards becoming a household brand name with a presence in 10,000+ outlets in top 30 cities, and a very strong online presence across India with a projected turnover of INR 102 Cr in next 3 years.

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