How The Belgian Waffle Company Is Redefining The Waffle Experience

There are days when you want to go to a cafe, listen to the music and just relax. And then there are days where you just want to grab something and get going. What if you could get your hands onto a waffle during your busy schedule? Say no more. The Belgian Waffles has innovated the traditional waffles and replaced fine dining with eat-it-on-the-go. Know how they became a brand that makes irresistible waffle sandwiches, leaving consumers drooling for more!

Freshly baked, hot, crispy and mouthwatering! Who wouldn't want to indulge in waffles? They are so universal that one can have it for breakfast, munch it as a snack or savor it as a dessert. Waffles which is traditionally eaten with a fork and knife is not something you would stop for when you are on the clock. In this fast-moving world, where we have colleges to attend, jobs to go to,  stopping by to eat, especially something as grand as a waffle is out of question. 

Belgian waffle Co. is making it possible to grab a quick bite while on the go. They were the first one's to introduce the original Waff-wich (waffle sandwich) to the Indian consumer market. They have innovated the traditional waffles with imaginative flavors, and also made sure they keep the authenticity alive. Their waffles look so tempting and sinful, that you wont be a be to resist it. 

Both Alisha Shirodkar and Shrey Agarwal share their journey of how they together build a brand that redefined the way waffles are consumed. They talk about how to drive sales via social media, reveal their retention recipe and share 3 things that make a brand successful. In this episode, know how you can run different campaigns even before the product is launched and find out how you can collaborate with influencers. See how they became one of the fastest growing QSR chains in India within a short span of 3 years. 

Time-Stamped Key Notes

01:56 - What was the inspiration to dive into business as soon as they got married

03:58 - The experience of co-found with a spouse?

05:14 - Why Waffles? Waffles are not a native to India.

06:43 - How they arrived at waffles in the form of a sandwich

08:20 - How to approach marketing in the early days

09:45 - What research goes behind putting up a store in the initial stage?

11: 38 - 3 things that makes a brand successful

13:34 - How important is it to have an online presence, when one sells just in retail stores?

14:31 - How they got to 30K followers on Instagram and how do you drive sales via social media?

15:50 - How to run an interesting campaign before products are available for purchase.               

17:06 - What should marketers be experimenting with, when it comes to social promotions?

18:11 - How to collaborate with celebrities?

18:57 -  How influential is influencer marketing?

19:50 - Tips to collaborate with influencers 

21:05 - Secret recipe to make customers come back for more

21:34 - Words of caution for budding entrepreneurs who want to start off with food and beverage brand





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Alisha and Shrey - Belgian Waffles


Shrey Aggarwal and Alisha Shirodkar

Alisha and Shrey, embarked on this journey right after they got married in March 2015. They postponed their honeymoon for a year and dove headfirst into their entrepreneurial dream.

Shrey completed his Engineering Degree at Carnegie Mellon University and a diploma in business management from Stanford University in the US. After graduating he has spent over 4 years both as an engineer and as a manager in the technology industry in USA, Manila, Philippines and in Mumbai, India. They are both die hard foodies and have a passion for entrepreneurship.

Alisha came from a Marketing background at Hindustan Unilever after having graduated from NYU, Stern with a degree in Finance and Marketing.

Connect with Shrey
Connect with Alisha

About Belgian Waffles Co.

Owned and operated by Bloombay Enterprises LLP, the Belgian Waffle Co. was an idea born out of passion and with a mission to spread taste and delight by offering a quality product in the QSR space.
Founded in 2015, the Belgian Waffle Co (BWC) is one of the first Waffle Specialty stations in India that offers a unique, on-the-go waffle sandwich created fresh at their waffle stations with their specially formulated egg-less batter and premium fillings. BWC prides itself on providing a continuously innovating yet consistent top quality product with a warm and dependable brand identity.

In a way, BWC prides itself on creating an entirely new food category and making waffles a mainstream consumer product that is today a big hit amongst the younger generation. Had it not been for BWC’s efforts of redefining this category waffles today would not have been the mainstream consumption category.

From 1 outlet in April 2015 today we stand at 200+ stores across 55+ Indian cities with International Presence in Dubai and Nepal. The product and brand have been universally loved, highly appreciated and is ready to embark on to the next phase by entering International Waters.

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