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Target Tech Aficionados Such That they Never Want to Leave

Hold them back with Exit Intent Recommendations
Bounce them back by showing them the latest articles on your tech website. Garner additional page views from flybys.
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Increase content discovery with News Hub
Put all important tech updates from your website on a notification stack. Nudge them to engage with the latest news.
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Drive Tech Geeks Back to Your Website Again and Again

Bring audience back with Web Push Notifications
Segment geeks the right way and engage them like never before with personalized web push notifications. Access multiple Playbooks to grow audience with relevant notifications.
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Fix your Facebook reach with Messenger Push Notifications
Reach out to all your subscribers by bypassing Facebook's Algorithm. Each notification will land straight in their Messenger inbox, getting them just a click away from your technology website.
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Earn Incremental Revenue From Your Audience With iZooto

Monetize your audience with Web Push Notifications
Show relevant, tech ads to drive ad impressions. These ads occupy zero pixels on your website making it ideal for newsrooms. iZooto aggregates demand from DSPs across the globe ensuring only contextual ads are shown.
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Grow ad revenue with Exit Intent Recommendations and News Hub 
Show relevant ads on Exit Intent Recommendation and News Hub to enjoy incremental revenue with every impression. Relevant ads drive ad clicks as well. 
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Geeks won't miss a Single Event Update

Covering the Apple's launch event or Microsoft's latest hardware? Deliver push updates to your subscribers in real time as the event unfolds keeping them well informed. Do all this without spamming their phone with a sea of notifications.

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Powerful ways newsrooms are making use of iZooto

Use cases news and media houses are seeing amazing results with

  • Real-time tech event updates and new launch alerts

  • Encourage interactions to engage with your readers effectively

  • Tackle exit intent and get readers to browse more

  • Increase content discovery and boost engagement on the website

  • Encourage article shares with mobile app notifications



Everything Fits in Like its One Ecosystem 

iZooto is easy to setup and integrate so that you can start adding subscribers. You can also connect your Google Analytics with iZooto and get engagement metrics such as page views, average session duration, total session, and returning subscribers.


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Grant Team Access To Manage Tasks Effectively 

Admins can share and restrict access to specific websites, to function smoothly and reduce the scope or error.
Add team members anytime with ease based on their operational tasks and gets things running effectively. 



Resources Curated For Tech Publications

Important resources for every tech publisher to go through

Checklist to nail Google search: NEWS SEO 101 with Barry Adams


News articles have less than 48 hours to rank on Google. This makes it mission-critical to get your news SEO right. Barry Adams, co-founder of the news and editorial SEO summit talks about how one can nail news SEO. 

AI in Newsrooms - Editor's assistant or replacement?


Will AI replace award-winning editors in newsrooms? But again, publishers such as The New York Times, and Associated Press, already use AI to generate content. Ankur Pandey, co-founder, of talks about what the future of AI looks like for publishers.

17 Best Paywall Solutions For Newsrooms


Paywalls help newsrooms not only build an audience but also generate revenue. Publishers across the globe are looking at alternative revenue models. Check out these 17 trusted paywall solutions that can help you get more dollars.

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