Web Push Notifications for Unbounce

Add iZooto Web Push Notifications to your Unbounce pages and start engaging with your website visitors.


Unbounce is an online tool which is used by marketers to create campaign specific landing pages. Unbounce provides pre-designed templates with easy drag and drop feature to create a landing page. Landing pages are designed for a specific purpose and most of the traffic is generated via paid sources. Thus, it becomes essential to capture these leads. Web push notifications can come in handy here as it is just a matter of few clicks and the lead is captured. Visitors aren’t asked for any personal information such email or phone number.


Here's how to setup iZooto on your Unbounce pages


Step 1:Signup on iZooto. Add your site as an HTTP since Unbounce doesn't yet support HTTPS implementation for Web Push Notifications.




Step 2:In your iZooto account, go to Settings > Integration Instructions and copy the JS code.

Step 3:Login to your Unbounce account, select Settings >. Script Manager and click on 'Add your first script'.




Step 4 : Choose 'Custom Script'.

Step 5: Choose 'Head' section for the placement and include the code on all the landing pages.




Once done, you should see a subscription prompt on your site. Feel free to contact us in case of issues.




Note: Unbounce doesn't support HTTPS implementation of Web Push Notifications yet.


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