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Core Challenges 

#1 You cover 10+ news categories and attract audience that comes from different geographies, uses different devices, and above all behaves differently on your website. The ability to create custom audiences shouldn't go comprised.

#2 You can't call your content marketing efforts "efficient" by turning a blind eye on Automation. 

#3 You have a set budget to play and achieve with. Exactly why you need a solution that justifies every dollar you spend.

#4 You don't want your content to sound like a robot has sent it, so there's a clear need of personalization.

What Makes iZooto A Marketeer's Ammo?

Advanced Targeting

Your Custom Audiences Are 3-Clicks Away

iZooto helps you collect the user data and create your own audience segments. So that you deliver a happy user experience and
not just the notification.  



Automated Playbooks

So You Can Play Golf In Peace


Be it activating your dormant audience, engaging the active one or recovering your lost website sessions/watch-time,
iZooto covers it all.


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Faster ROI

More Value For Money

iZooto is proven to be a cost-effective and feature-driven solution that increases your site traffic by 10% in less than 10 weeks - these results are 2X faster than its peers. 


Personalized Communication 

To Best Fuel Your Audience Retention

Got users abandoning your articles and videos? Activate the automated playbooks and send a personalized notification to recover your website tabs and videos. iZooto has various personalization tokens that editors can use to retain their loyal readers.



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iZooto Leads The 19
"Best Push Notification Solutions"
Ranked By G2Crowd For 2020


Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

Do you know that feeling when you are stuck for hours on support lines and waiting for someone to resolve your query? There’s only little that help docs and FAQs can do and sometimes you need a real human who can understand your problem. With iZooto, you don’t need to worry about any of this

Don’t take our words, see what Erin has to say - "Great Platform, Great Employees! If you have questions on creating segments or ideas for new campaigns the employees are always there to help"


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