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A Super Kit For Your First Messenger Notification Campaign

The wait is finally over. To the newsrooms going aggressive on their distribution strategies, here's Messenger push notifications - cracking open rates as high as 60% - for you. With the higher visibility of web push and a longer shelf life of emails, Messenger has brought the best of these two worlds at your fingertips.

All that with the ability to engage your iOS audience. So download the kit now and engage your audience with these
4 Messenger Push Notification Guides + get the bonus of One-On-One Consultation for FREE


Push Notification Marketing Kit For Publishers

Get 3 insightful guides in 1 kit: Introduction to push notifications, Ready to use push notification templates and Best practices of permission UX



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What Will You Get In This Marketing Kit? 

This Messenger notification kit gives you a complete rundown of the channel and how exactly can you as an editor use them
for your audience engagement.



A Definitive Guide on Messenger 
Push Notifications

This first guide will help you choose the right messaging type and the opt-in for your Messenger push notifications. There are 6 ready-to-use notification templates also highlighted in this guide to give you a brief of when to use which template.    

How News and Media Are Using
Messenger Push 

This guide will help you steal the 7 powerful use cases for Newsrooms. Editors at News and Media houses can directly leverage these use cases and distribute their content without any hassle.  

Using Messenger Push With Web Push
To Offer A Better UX 

See how web push notifications and Messenger push notifications complement each other to offer a better user experience. Mark the differences and learn how no app installation and better reach with web push and multimedia experience and two-way communication with Messenger push helps you cover the whole ground. 

How To Shield Your Facebook Page From
Poor Engagement

Not just another fad, Facebook is really banning the pages that fail to adhere to its policy and offer bad engagement. While there's not much you can do once the limitations are placed, there are tons of pitfalls that this guide will help you avoid in order to prevent the ban.


Bonus - Get A FREE, One-On-One Consultation From Product Experts


Will Messenger Push be the next Email? How smooth is the process? Also, honest opinion - worth our time and effort?

We have got all the answers you need. And, in case you don't have any, we have got your questions too.


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This Messenger Marketing Kit Has Been Downloaded Over 1,149 Times. Here's Why.



Nothing feels better than waking up to a better open rate. Messenger is working wonders for so many early adapters. Do you know why? Apps like Messenger (one of the few that get moved to the homescreen) are special to your audience. Download the Kit now to learn how exactly can you leverage it for your business.


Your Brand Needs A Little More To Reach A Lot More 



If you’ve reached so far, you most likely run a publishing business and have Editors shipping content day-in-day-out.


Messenger Push Notifications can be a real game-changer here for its distribution.



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