Pickyourtrail Is Becoming The One Stop Destination For Personalized Holidays

Vacations are a break from the mundane. While for some vacations might mean going on an adventurous trip- Plunging into the water from a cliff, taking the leap to bungee or pumping up the adrenaline by sky diving.  For some it is just about relaxing, probably by a beach, sipping some long island ice tea and rejuvenating in a spa. Pickyourtrail understands that every individual is different. And that's what makes them a cut above the rest. Know their journey of how they became the genie of customized holidays.


Haven't there been times when you book a holiday package and you just end up going to places with no interest of yours? And the places that you want to visit is not even there on the list! 

Holiday packages can sometimes hijack your ideal trip. Despite the unfairness of it all, most travel companies still thrive with the one size fits all approach. What companies fail to realize is that your idea of a holiday might be drastically different from the person next to you. 

But what if you could create your own itinerary and customize the trip according to your taste?

Pickyourtrail makes it possible. It lets you personalize your holiday packages by letting you build, customize and edit your itinerary so that you can explore places YOU want, at YOUR own pace. What's more, they provide real-time support even when you are on the go! 

Hari Ganapathy the co-founder of Pickyourtrail talks about their journey of how they set themselves apart from other travel companies and how they have reached where they are today. He shares how one can create a good customer experience, when to dive into automation and shares his thoughts on content marketing. He also throws light on how to get amazing reviews, ratings and referrals. Last but not least, he shares his words of caution for the budding entrepreneurs. Watch this episode to know what is that did to make globetrotters fall in love with them.

Time-Stamped Key Notes


00:36 -  The story behind starting off with a travel company after having worked for Britanica & InMobi.

03:21 - The trigger point that led Hari and Srinath Shankar, the co-founder to start a business together

05:10 - Why they have not yet included India, despite India being a tourist hotspot.

07:00 - Personalization is something that has been part of travel companies. What makes them different?

08:12 - What differentiates them from Makemytrip 

09:31 - Importance of replicating digital touch point with physical touch point. Hari's thoughts on creating               a stellar customer experience

11:38 - Importance of providing flexibility while customers are on the go. 

12:50 - When is the right time to embrace automation?

14:03 - How important is content marketing for travel portals?

15:56 - What goes behind getting funded?

18:20 - Having all 5 star reviews on Facebook, Hari shares the secret to getting good reviews and ratings. 

20:24 - The secret recipe to retain customers

21:55 - The mantra to get good referrals

22:40 - Words of caution for budding entrepreneurs



Hari Ganapathy

Hari is your quintessential jack-of-all-trades. An MBA grad from IIM-B, Hari has dabbled roles across sales, marketing, design and strategy. An avid traveler, Hari's passion for travel combined with his stint at InMobi led to the birth of Pickyourtrail.

Hari strongly believes that travel has the power to change people's perception of life. Having been on many life-altering journeys, the trans-Siberian train ride is Hari’s dream journey. In a parallel universe, Hari is running a design consultancy firm and also pursuing a PhD in consumer behavior.

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About Pickyourtrail

Happiness - that is travel for us. At Pickyourtrail our aim is to help folks discover the magic of travel through the logic of tech. When you use Pickyourtrail to create, customize and book trips, great care goes into replicating the adrenaline rush and sense of control of self-planning. At the same time, we ensure that technology does all the heavy lifting - personalization, curation, booking, remainders, on trip recommendations. The end goal - give you that hassle-free trip that you worked so hard year long.

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