Content Recommendation Playbook

Suggest articles just like a best friend would. Engage readers with tailor-made notifications based on what they have read, with this AI powered Playbook.


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Kepler AI: Delivering unique
experiences to every reader

The Content Recommendation Playbook is powered by Kepler AI to send the most relevant stories to readers based on the articles they had consumed, at a time when they are most likely to read.

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Understand the readers

Analyze users reading patterns, the categories they browse, the topics they like to read about. It’s only when you know your readers can cater to them with the right content.


Share relevant stories

Bucket users based on demographic, behavioral, and psychographic analysis and push out relevant notifications. Engage your readers by offering them a unique experience.


Send notifications at the right time

Notifications are scheduled to be sent at the marketable moment to get more visits to your website. Readers get to read more about what interests them and you tend to build a loyal reader base.

Before: All hail to the one fits all approach

Spray and prey are what used to ignite your marketing initiatives, which usually leads to irrelevant notifications being sent. Receiving non-contextual notifications annoy the readers, pushing them to even take the power step of blocking you. As a marketer, there is only little you can personalize and it is usually a hit or miss. A chance you had to take.

After: Tailor-made recommendations for more clicks

Readers get notifications that are contextual, targeted, and well-timed. Articles that would interest your readers the most are sent to them automatically. Notifications are curated for readers based on what they have read and sent to them at the time they are most likely to interact. This increases engagement and builds a sense of loyalty towards your brand. It does all the time-consuming work for you to focus on other important things to retain your audience.


Results that will blow your mind 

Marketers have seen 10X more clicks with the Content Recommendation Playbook compared to the broadcast notifications they used to send, compelling to change their strategy immediately. 

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Start leveraging the Content Recommendation Playbook to start sending
relevant notifications to users to engage them, and get better CRTs. 

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It only keeps getting better!

The AI capability keeps getting powerful over time as you keep on using it. It lets you discover insights and automate workflows. Let the readers be your guiding light. Improve the data, understand your audience better, suggest relevant content and get sustained results.

Now that the third-party cookies are about to phase out, you can start using the Content Recommendation Playbook to run tests on your first-party data. 

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