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Visitor life-cycle for Publisher websites


You have pulled up your game on Google and Facebook and are also driving visitors to your website. Which is great. 

But there is a catch here. There is no way for you to drive these visitors back to your website without depending on Google and Facebook. Walled gardens build an audience around your content, but you can rent it from them only for a while. 


Convert your website's fly-by visitors to your audience and engage them to drive repeat traffic to your website and build loyal visitors.


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Drive Revenue Through Direct Engagement


There is a war going on online - war for attention, and Facebook and Google are writing the rules. 

And in this battle each day, each piece of content is loosing on attention and you on revenue.

Engage directly with your audience and get a boost in all the matrices that help you grow your revenue. Drive repeat traffic to grow your page views and session time.

Notifications for direct engagement


Add Your AMP Visitors To Your Audience


Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) to build notification audience


Never miss any opportunity to grow your audience.

Convert your AMP powered page visitors to your audience. Your AMP site visitors can opt-in to receive your content in just a one click and become a part of your existing audience.

Engage and drive your new audience to your website and grow your revenue.


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Monetize Your Audience


Got more than 100K monthly visitors on your website? Monetize your audience with us and add a new revenue stream to your business. 

How it works? It's a straight forward model. We have partnered with the leading native ad providers across the globe and push notifications with personalized ads to your audience, of course only if you opt-in for the Monetization Plan. With ads come revenue and we share with you the revenue we make. Also to ensure transparency we created a revenue dashboard on your iZooto account, where you can see Dollars coming in.  


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