TGL Company: Brewing Irresistible Blends Of Teas And Coffees

Are you a tea person or a coffee person? There are high chances that you will question your preference, once you go through the product catalog and try one of the blends of the TGL Co. With the finest flavors and imaginative blends, they have changed the way people look at beverages. Know how they are building a brand that is not only reviving the tea experience but also making luxury tea an everyday indulgence. 

"If you aren't a tea person, TGL Co. teas will make you one. By far the most innovative tea blends ever." - Dino Morea, Professional Actor, and Model


Being an Indian you know that your day begins with a cup of Chai. Tea has always been a part of your daily life since you remember. But the tea most of us are acquainted with, and consume Black tea, Milk tea and Masala chai. Or maybe Ginger tea and Green tea at best, because your gym instructor advised you so.

Tea is something that is consumed differently in different parts of the world. Different ingredients are infused, which gives the tea a distinctive taste. But most of the teas remain foreign to us as they are out of our reach. What if you could taste different kinds of teas from different origins?

The Good Life Co. brings delicacies from different parts of the world making it easier for people to get their hands onto amazing luxury tea. They create teas infused with mouth-watering flavors and botanicals, making it a unique tea consuming experience. They brew high-quality teas and coffees by beautifully blending different ingredients that are a treat for the taste pallets.

Bhuman Dani, Co-founder of the TGL Co. shares the story of how they became a luxury beverage brand unlike any other. He shares their magic mantra of how they switched the weekly consumption of luxury tea and coffee into a daily affair.  Not only do they get 65% of repeat purchase from Amazon in a 3 months period but also have loyal customers who will any day vouch for them. Bhuman reveals their branding strategies, how they leverage offline promotions, their marketing strategies to retain users and explains why luxury brands need to have a different approach when it comes to product packaging and presentation.


Time-Stamped Key Notes


00:24 - How Bhuman became a tea and coffee fanatic

00:55 - What triggered the shit from being a management consulting to building a beverage brand

01:52 - Experience of working with experts

03:07 - How did the idea of starting a brand together with Shariq Ashraf brew?

03:57 - What is gourmet tea? The research that went behind it. 

04:32 - 4 divisions of the populations and why they built and aspirational brand 

05:16 - Two ways to build an aspirational brand and why you need to look at them both

08:30 - How to differentiate yourself from another other brand with product names

09:17 - How the TGL arrived at their innovative logo

10:30 - Importance of retail in the Amazon age

11:32 - How do they acquire customers today?

12:25 - Offline retail as a discovery platform 

12:46 - How can beverage brands leverage offline campaigns?

15: 20 - Gamification primarily on social media 

16:47 - How do you get customers hooked?

18:33 - Packaging and design for a luxury brand

19:30 - Change in the behavior of the consumers 

21:30 - When do you think one should one start thinking about a new product?

22:45 - Words of caution for budding entrepreneurs who want to start a luxury brand






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Bhuman Dani- the impatient marketer


Bhuman Dani

When TGL Co. co-founder Bhuman Dani, an MBA from INSEAD, walked into the East India Company store in London one day, little did he know that it would change his life. With no background in the world of speciality teas and coffees, this experience opened his mind to
brews, blends, blades and beans. But this appetizer only fueled his thirst for more knowledge in this space. So he began his apprenticeship with Jane Pettigrew, one of the most renowned master blenders of tea in the world and learnt about teas, origins and influence of botanicals in creating the perfect blend. His interactions with Sanjiv Mehta (Director, East India Company) inspired him to pursue his passion and create an aspirational brand of premium teas and coffees in the very commoditized Indian consumer industry.

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About TGL Company

The Good Life Company (TGL Co.) is the fastest growing hot beverages startup in India with deep focus on natural, clean and fresh sourcing. At TGL Co. (The Good Life Company), we emphatically believe that the world’s finest teas and coffees should be an everyday indulgence that celebrate sophistication, tranquility and good health. And that is why we are devoted to the innovation of the known hot beverages by presenting the best teas and coffees in the world and as an experience like never before.

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