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Patience is a virtue. But unfortunately, we humans are impatient creatures. We aim big, pretty big, but when it comes to implementation and analyzing the results, most marketers are pretty impatient to get things done. The result? All the branding strategies and the marketing strategies that you spent hours working on goes for a toss. Seems familiar? 
Ever thought that your brand might be stuck in marketing myopia? Sometime to look at a long term goal, you need some solid motivation, a brand story that touches right in the cord or some inspiration from a founder whose branding strategies blow your mind. That unstoppable drive is what will make you reach where you aim at. 

To make your brand stand out in the Amazon age, is no joke. Sometime to move forward, you need to stop and analyze. Learn from brands who have made it big- know their journey, the marketing strategies they have used, learn from their mistakes, how they rose from all the challenges and learn from their branding strategies to know how they built an army of fans that blindly vouch for them.
In the Impatient Marketer video series, we bring unique brands to the limelight, to share their inspirational brand stories. Get a first-hand scoop into what goes behind the scenes of building a brand that stands out of the crowd. Know everything from scratch - Creating a branding strategy to build awareness, their marketing strategies to retain users, what goes into building a loyal customer base and what it takes to bring your brand to the forefront.  

Stay tuned as Founders, CEOs and Marketers reveal their branding secrets. Know their journey and get insights that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Give your brand a dose of adrenaline it deserves.

Get inspired. Get motivated. And make a dent in the world. 

EP 01 - Why Online Retailers Need To Go All In With Videos

Fall behind or get the gears running. It's your choice. In this age of Video Marketing, you can't afford to turn a blind eye on videos, unless of course, you are Jeff Bezos.  

Sanket, CEO @InVideo breaks down using first principles. He talks about how videos are helpful to create a better online shopping experience and create a compelling case for marketers to consider adding them to their e-commerce marketing strategy. 

EP 02 - Singh Styled: Bringing Back The Sikh Identity

At a time when it was difficult to find quality turbans and beard care products for Sardars, Singh Styled became the dressers for Sikhs. Charanjeev Singh, the Founder, is not only breaking the stereotype of the grooming business with his branding strategy but is also helping Sikhs keeping the tradition alive.

Charanjeev Singh, Founder @Singh Styled, shares his brand story, on how he built a brand that resonates with all the Sikhs in the world.

EP 03 - How AKIVA Is Bringing Ayurveda To The Millennials

Despite the never-ending benefits of Ayurveda, the idea of consuming its products still makes one cringe. AKIVA, with it's tastiest versions of Indian health recipe, innovative packaging, and an out-of-the-box branding strategy is winning hearts of the millennials.

Neha Gupta, Brand marketer @AKIVA reveals their journey of making a 4000-year-old Indian system of medicine to something really cool. 

EP 04 - How Keeros Disrupts The Junk Food Market

Fried chips? Keep 'em coming. Samosas? Why not. Burgers? Hallelujah! Keeros comes across a fresh breath of air, that is on a mission to replace junk in the habit loop with healthy snacks. 

Krishna Awatar, COO @Keeros talks about the journey of building a brand that is healthy and yet caters to both ends of the taste spectrum. See how they created a branding strategy that speaks to every tummy that is growling.

EP 05 - Turms Winning Hearts With Intelligent Apparels

Being a millennial you know how difficult it is to keep up with busy schedules. Of all of the things, you don't want the laundry to be one of them. But we humans sweat a lot, are clumsy and are usually on a spill spree.

Turms, with its cutting edge innovation, is changing the way we look at clothes. Sandeep Kataria, Co-founder of Turms shares its branding strategy and talks about how they are becoming a millennials favorite apparel brand.

EP 06 - TGL Company: Brewing Irresistible Blends Of Teas And Coffee

With the finest flavors and imaginative blends, The Good Life Co. has changed the way people look at beverages

Bhuman Dani, the Co-founder, reveals their branding strategies, how they leverage offline promotions & their marketing strategies to retain users. Know how they are building a brand that is not only reviving the tea experience but also making luxury tea an everyday indulgence. 

EP 07 - Dineout: Making Dining Out An Easy Affair

Gone are those days when you could go to a good restaurant and grab a table without having to wait for hours. With Dineout, you no longer have to settle for the 2nd best restaurant on your list.

Ankit Mehrotra, Co-founder of Dineout shares thier branding strategies of how they became the go-to app for table reservations. He shares his thoughts on discounting, spills the beans on how to build social media followers and reveals gamification techniques.

EP 08 - How &ME Is Becoming Women's Best Friend

While periods is natural, menstruation is always talked in hushed voices. At a time like this, &ME has boldly come up with a brand exclusively for women that sells India's first PMS drink.

Ankur Goyal, Founder of &ME, takes us through the journey of creating a new category of beverages and how they are ensuring wellness women one drink at a time.  He shares how they convinced retailers to sell their products and their marketing strategies to retain users. 

EP 09- Belgian Waffle Co. Redefines The Waffle Experience

The Belgian Waffles has innovated the traditional waffles and replaced fine dining with eat-it-on-the-go. 

Both Alisha Shirodkar and Shrey Agarwal share their journey of how they became a brand that makes irresistible waffle sandwiches, leaving consumers drooling for more!  Know the branding strategies and the marketing strategies they used, to become one of the fastest growing QSR chains in India.

Pickyoutrail Is Becoming The One Stop Destination For Personalized Holidays

Haven't there been times when you book a holiday package & you end up going to places with no interest of yours? Yeah, holiday packages can sometimes hijack your ideal trip.

Pickyourtrail understands that every individual is different. Hari Ganapathy, the Co-founder, shares their journey of how they became the genie of customized holidays.


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