Why Online Retailers Need To Go All In With Videos

Fall behind or get the gears running. It's your choice. In this age of Video Marketing, you can't afford to turn a blind eye on videos, unless of course, you are Jeff Bezos.

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The first video @The Impatient Marketer talks about how creating and curating video content will become an inevitable part for marketing teams. Right from Amazon, to Nike to an Etsy store owner - everyone is jumping the ship to create better video content.

Video consumption has taken the internet by storm yet online retailers are still playing catch up. Why?

Sanket, CEO @InVideo breaks down using first principles - Why has video consumption exploded and more importantly how can retailers start using video content to build a shopping experience that resonates with what you see in the offline world. During the conversation, Sanket also speaks about how video production costs have reduced drastically and how retailers can - irrespective of their scale start creating video content to better assist their users. 


Time-Stamped Key Notes

05:55 - Why retailers are not adopting videos?

09:10 - How much of an investment is video marketing?

12:43 - Who should be looking at video as a marketing strategy? 

14:50- Understanding the difference between Hero Content and Hub Content 

17:05 - What does one mean by Hygiene Video content

19:20 - When would be the right time to take videos seriously?

21:35 - Different types of videos that can be created

27:40 - All about video ads

31:81 - The Facebook experiment with Ads

35:00 - Putting together a video marketing strategy 

37:00 - Monitoring the results of video marketing strategy

sanket shah - invdeo - the impatient marketer speaker


Sanket Shah

Sanket is the CEO of InVideo. 7 years back, Sanket started creating videos on non-fiction books and uploaded a bunch of them on YouTube. These videos got huge traction on YouTube. However, Sanket realized that the process of video creation was cumbersome. Cut to 2016, they just sold MassBlurb for $2.5M, and we’re wondering about the next big gig. And, that’s when it hit him to start InVideo.

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About InVideo

InVideo helps transform content into great videos. InVideo was born with one simple goal – Everyone should be able to create great-quality videos quickly and effectively. They help serve media companies, small businesses, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content. The platform is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals, and agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level.

InVideo creates tailor-made content that is true to your brand and helps generate more revenue with clickable videos. Read more about InVideo's features and their work samples here.

Some of InVideo's customers include- Sony Music, Snapdeal, Scoopwhoop, Republic TV, CNN, CNBC, Money Control and The Indian Express. Snapdeal saw a 25% increase in CTR after partnering with InVideo, you can read the entire case study here.

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