Turms Is Winning Hearts With Intelligent Apparels

Remember the days you wished you had done the laundry? You curse under your breath, pick up a t-shirt from the dirty pile and leave for the day. The result- You are a stink bomb, the tee has wrinkles that would put a raisin to shame and a stain that screams mustard sauce. Turms, with its cutting edge innovation is making lives easier. Know how they built a brand that resonates will every millennial out there.

Being a millennial you know how difficult it is to keep up with busy schedules. Of all of the things that are pilled up, you don't want the laundry to be one of them. But we humans sweat a lot, are clumsy and are usually on a spill spree (the chances are high especially if you are wearing white or on a date).

What if you could reduce the laundry days? Sounds like a blessing to me.

Turms with their innovative performance wear have made it possible to see fewer laundry days. Not only do they need to be washed sparsely, but also require less water and detergent. At a time when water becomes scarce, Turms is taking over the traditional way of living and making life simpler.

Turms is changing the way we look at clothes. They question as to why it should take an extra effort to look good, smell good and feel fresh? They believe that clothes need not be high maintenance, at least not at this age of technological advancements.

Sandeep Kataria, Co-founder of Turms shares their journey of how they built a brand that speaks with every busy millennial out there. Bring a unique brand, they knew very well that a ship in the harbor is of no use. Know the marketing strategies they implemented to create awareness, to engage and retarget customers. He talks about the importance of educating the users, how to differentiate your brand from others, how to create a good customer experience and shares mistakes that every marketer should avoid.

Time-Stamped Key Notes

02:08 - How did your journey from VP of marketing in Voonik to starting your own business look like?

04:20 - The inspiration behind creating Turms?

06:16 - Marketing Failures one can expect when they start off - Ad frauds and Television ads 

09:00 - Cracking the code of TV campaigns

10:08 - The problem of over promising 

11:20 - Why makes Turms an intelligent apparel brand 

15:20 - Approach to marketing of India’s first performance brand fashion

17:40 - Is video marketing for everyone?

18:43 - The experience of selling high-quality expensive products

20:40 - Should one give importance to discounting? 

20:33 - What triggers innovation in Turms? When to start off with the next new thing 

22:57 - How to make sure your brand is different from others?

23:50 - Mostly people buy products out of curiosity. The customer retention recipe followed by Turms

25:26 - Views on customer experience. How do make sure that a customer is happy?

28:50 - Is creating a patent is necessary? Specific advice for founders with innovative products

29:34 - Words of caution for budding entrepreneurs 





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Sandeep Kataria

Sandeep is an e-commerce specialist with 5+ years of experience in marketing. He started his career as a software engineer in a large fintech firm, and switched gears as he was soon bitten by the startup bug. He's credited with scaling up demand for a large online fashion marketplace, from the scratch to a million+ orders. He's currently co-founder at Turms and leads marketing.

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About Turms

Turms is an innovative fashion brand. They make intelligent apparel using nanotechnology. There line of clothing for men includes a range of Jeans, Shirts & T shirts that are stain repellent, anti odour, wicking, cooling and quick dry. They believe that the days of normal clothing will soon be behind us. Every individual will feel the need for apparel that are easy to maintain and make life simpler.

The brand has raised more than a million dollars in funding from marquee angel investors. Turms has gained significant traction in the online fashion market in less than 2 years. The brand is growing at an impressive rate m-o-m. 

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