Since 2012, individual's digital access to healthcare tech has increased significantly.  People prefer buying medicines online and get healthcare products delivered directly to their doorsteps. The revolutionary idea of online consultations have made it convenient for the patients to get to know all that they want without stepping out of their houses. All that people care about before investing their time and money, is to see if you are reliable. People want to know they can bestow their trust on you, get instant information and get medicines at an affordable price

Healthcare Tech Businesses

The problems faced by healthcare tech businesses range from challenges around user education, user acquisition to user retention. User acquisition channels are limited, especially if the business is focused on prescription medicine delivery. Adoption is yet another challenge as user behavior in the developing economies is rapidly evolving.

Most of the businesses in the HealthCare tech space are focused on two key pillars -

  1. E-Commerce Platforms facilitating transactions: Niche players such NetMeds, 1mg focus on prescription medicine, healthcare and wellness products. Online Healthcare is poised to become the next big ecommerce sector in India.
  2. Value Adding Services - Platforms driving discovery and additional value adding services. Practo has emerged as a category leader driving subscription based services for both consumers and doctors.

Product based health tech websites - There are numerous healthcare tech businesses, that sell medical products. One big challenge that they face is that they are unable to promote themselves on social media due to strict regulations against it. Due to megre scope of visibility, it become difficult to reach out to a variety of audience, creating difficulty to acquire users.

Services based health tech websites - Engaging the users and nurturing them is a vital aspect of health tech industries.  Due to this, they see a high dropout rate. You might have amazing services to offer your users, like consultation with a doctor, video calling etc, but the struggle lies in informing them what you have in stock for them. The challenge is to notify the users in such a way that it is delivered at the right time for them to take advantage of it. Here relevance plays an important role, hence arises the need to segment your users according to the service you are providing.

Information based health tech websites - Many listing websites, though they have ample information, find it difficult to provide information to the audience at the right time. Users are deprived of healthcare facts and drug information. Once one is consuming a drug, one would need to know all the required information. The goal is to give apt information; information that the user would likely google once they buy a medicine. Any information related to prevention of diseases or some relevant fact to the medicines they consume goes missing in most of the health tech business marketing strategy, which has the capability to amplify user base and user retention.

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Web push notifications provide solutions to the challenges faced by all the three kinds of health tech businesses. Web push notifications play a vital role in making the website’s presence felt. It can be pushed to give out promotional messages to your users. Web Push can be used to send out reminders, transaction communication, appointment confirmation and so much more. It helps to send out local time based customized notifications so that the notifications are relevant and timely. It helps in user acquisition, increases retention, boosts user engagement rate, encourages repeat traffic and much more.

Healthcare Tech Businesses








Web Push Notifications

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Web Push Notifications are interactive messages work seamlessly across Desktop (All OS) and Mobile ( Android

only ). Supported by all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari, the adoption of web push

technology has been rapid.

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Healthcare Tech BusinessesHealthcare Tech Businesses

Healthcare Tech BusinessesHealthcare Tech Businesses

Use Case

Push notifications with their personalisation and customisation features, help in targeting the right audience at the right time. Web push notification help in driving repeat traffic by notifying the users about their appointments, send purchase alerts, consultancy reminders and so on to drive users back to the website. Interactive CTAs are incorporated, were one can call the doctor in real time or schedule for another notification for after 15 minutes. With innovative CTAs, it becomes easier to get in touch with the users and encourage purchase. Netmeds for example gets an average cart value of more than Rs 2000.

  1. Driving user acquisition

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Web push notification helps in acquiring new users. It gives a head start by engaging with the users from first touch point. Push notification with a benefit stated along with it betters the chances that people would engage with your site better. Once they subscribe to web push, you can then keep alerting them about you products and encourage purchase. Web push doubles the chances of users preferring your site over others due to the relevant and apt information the keep receiving.

  1. Reminders and Alerts

    Notifications such as these help in keeping the users up to date and plan their schedule accordingly. These kind of notifications build trust and user loyalty. It prompts the users to take action accordingly. Here are some of the use case that fall under this category.

  • Back In Stock Alert

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Inform your users that the medicines they were looking for are back in stock. Keep a track of what users buy and send notifications accordingly. This personalised notification encourages them to re engage with the website.

  • Order Status Alerts

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Send out order status alerts and keep the users well informed. Let them know if your order is on its way, when can they expect the delivery and other order details. These kind of notifications help them keep a track the order and plan accordingly.

  • Timely purchase alert

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Sometimes users forget they are going to be out of medicines. An alert reminds them that it is time to make a purchase. This keeps them informed and provokes them to make a purchase. Some vital medicines can’t be skipped, hence it's a sure sale prospect.

  • Consultation reminders

Healthcare Tech Businesses

Once users book a slot for consultation, it is necessary to remind them the date and the time. It is necessary to keep the users up to date so they do not miss out the consultation. This is achieved by sending out a consultation reminder notification to keep the users well informed.

  • Medicine reminders

Healthcare Tech Businesses

In this busy schedule, people often forget to take their medicines in time. A quick reminder reminds them to take it right away or they also get an option to remind them later in a few minutes. This makes sure that they don't miss out on their consumption of vital medicines.

  • Appointment Reminders - Doctors and Patients

Healthcare Tech Businesses

It not only the users that require reminders, but also the doctors. Remind them that they have an appointment or when the user cancels the appointment.

  1. Drive User Engagement

Healthcare Tech Businesses

You need to provide users an opportunity for them to engage with you. Attract users with special offers, season greeting sales or send them some important information. You can also send them facts on the medicines that they consume, the amount they should be consuming, information about the preventives they should be taking for some viral disease etc. you could also push out some home remedies they can take for immediate relief.

  1. Re-targeting

Healthcare Tech Businesses

A user might make a purchase and forget about your website. So, you need to grab their attention, draw the users back to your website and encourage them to make some transaction. Re-targeting can be done in many ways, by giving amazing discounts, consultation offers etc.

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