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The economy is in free fall. Businesses are on all-time loss, customers are hurting and the employees are clueless. In times like these when a pandemic has hit us like a hurricane, everyone is confused, a pang of anxiety has gripped everyone in the gut and there is an unsettling feeling of what tomorrow might bring. And all we have left is hope, that things will get better. 

Most of us are self quarantined, working from home for the first time and a lot of us are all alone in a house, trying to get sh*t together. 

So we are getting on calls on the weekdays in and out to help you during these tough times. You can join us for virtual office hours and ask us anything. Literally ANYTHING. Best things come when we brainstorm together, doesn’t it?

And I bet you all have a lot of questions or want a lending ear to vent things out.


We are all ears. Here are a few questions we could think of - 

  • How to make the most of web push notifications?
  • How to market during the time of Corona?
  • What is the impact of Corona on the publishing and advertising revenue?
  • How iZooto can help your business in these desperate times?
  • Tips to motivate yourself during self-quarantine
  • What are the fun things to do while under self-quarantine?
  • What are the best movies to catch up on? 
  • How to improve productivity while you work from home?
  • How to make your parents stay home during the corona outbreak 

Or we could share the best memes or the funny cat videos out there.

Let's keep each other sane. We are always here for you :)

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Ep 18 - Building A Media Business For The Next Billion Users

Cracking vernacular India is the new holy grail. The team at News18 has cracked it wide open and has championed at monetizing their audience.

Ep 17 - How Native Advertising Is Becoming Mainstream

Native Advertising’s share of the marketing budget has gone up in the last 5 years. Sandeep Balani, Country Head for OutBrain will help us understand why has native rocketed and what does the future looks like.

Ep 16- The Unbundling of the Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe products have scared the wannabe creators. But tools like Rocketium and Typito are making “design and creation” a level playing field. Now you can create amazing video real quick. 

Ep 15 - 5 must-follow AMP trends for publishers In 2020

Over 30% of the websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress.  AMP started off a few years ago and now powers over 52M Domains on the internet. Up from 32 M in 2018. Ahmed, Founder, and CEO for AMP4WP, talks all about AMP for WordPress what you as publishers need to do.

Ep 14 - Why is SEO Important for Publishers in 2020?

It has been a pain in the a** for publishers, bloggers & media site owners, irrespective of whether they have a million pages on their site or are just starting from scratch. Michael Bertini lays it out for publishers on what they should be doing to ace their SEO game.

Ep 13 - Are interactive ads disrupting the advertising game?

Vishal Rupani talks all about interactive ads, how they work and how they bring the element of newness to the old advertising model. Know what you as a publisher should try out and aim for, with ads that encourage interaction and delight users. 

Ep 12 - Ad fraud: how big is the problem?

Ad fraud is impacting almost everyone. And when it happens everyone in the value chain loses money. Deepankar Biswas talks all about ad fraud, and explains how you as a publisher need to be aware and what you need to do to not fall in the trap. 

Ep 11 - Evolution of app push notifications 

Sachin Grover talks about everything you need to know about app push notifications and how they have changed from inception to the present age. He breaks it down bit by bit, explaining the concepts, how it all started and what we are heading towards.

Ep 10 - How to implement content recommendations in 2020?

Content recommendation has been spoken of for quite a while now. Sandeep Amar, CEO of Inaajthrows some light on how to approach content recommendation, what industries can make use of it and what needs to be done. 

Ep 9 - Why is email deliverability still a thing in 2020?

Email is not as cool as Tiktok, Snapchat, Insta stories but guess what - it is one channel that almost all marketers swear by. In this episode, Agnibha Nath, Founder @SendX reveals secrets of email deliverability in 2020. Here are a few points that are covered. 

Ep 8 - Marketing stack for publishers

But building a publisher marketing stack is now more critical than ever as the world gets sucked into the lockdown. In this episode we take a dip into how publishers need to build a marketing stack to get the flywheel in motion.

Ep 7 - Scaling ad revenue in times of COVID-19

Things have seen a massive change after Covid-19. Publishers especially have seen things change from ground level and are scrambling for an action plan. We invited Ankit Oberoi, the CEO of Ad Push push to take a stab at what is that publishers are going through and how they can overcome it in these drastic times.

Ep 6 - Content marketing vs marketing content

While they seem similar, both marketing content and content marketing are vastly different. We break it down for you and discuss what it is that you as a brand need to do to make your mark out there.

Ep 5 -Push notification KPIs that must be measured

One of the most widely asked questions by publishers and editors is what are the metrics they should be tracking when it comes to web push notifications. In this episode we break it down for you and discuss the KPI you need to measure.

Ep 4- Messenger marketing in Covid times

They say never let go on an opportunity in a crisis. And this is exactly why Messenger push needs to be part of every publisher's marketing stack.

Ep 3- The best subscription experience and Chrome 80 - What next?

We talk about what a beautiful user first opt-in experience is, we address the bomb Chrome dropped with Quieter permission UI and how you can rise above it.

Ep 2 - How is iZooto surviving Covid-19?

At iZooto, we have all been trying to keep each other engaged and sane. Here is what the team does while not at work. Few things that you can try out for yourself, maybe?

Ep 1 -How to run marketing in the time of Corona?

We are in difficult times. No one saw this coming. In these times of uncertainty, we are taking a shot at what marketers should do to make a difference.

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