5-Must Follow AMP Trends For Publishers In 2020



The last decade belonged to Mobile. Mobile finally has officially shadowed desktop - for everything. Consumption. And a lot of things have catalyzed this growth. One of those things is the AMP Project.

Over 30% of the websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress. AMP started off few years ago and now powers over 52M Domains on the internet. Up from 32 M in 2018. Yes. That’s huge. Ahmed, Founder and CEO for AMP4WP, talks all about AMP for WordPress what you as publishers need to do.

If you have a WordPress website, you definitely need to watch this episode. Here are a few points that will be covered-

  • What is it about AMP that makes it the most important investment for publishers
  • How has AMP evolved till date and what do you think publishers can expect from AMP in 2020
  • What’s AMP Email all about?
  • Then there is AMP Stories, and now even AMP Ads. What’s that all about?
  • What are the exciting things is Ahmed working on at AMP4WP?


Ahmed Kaludi

Ahmed is the CEO of Magazine3 and has worked with thousands of large and small organizations. He and his team have designed AMPforWP plugin which has more than 100,000 active users. Along with this they also have more than 50 Premium WordPress themes.

Connect with Ahmed

About the company

Magazine3.in creates world-class WordPress products & provide Services to the enterprise clients. They have a 10 years of experience and carry a decade worth of working experience with big publishers and online businesses. They serve 180000 users throughout the world with giving the highest level of service.




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