Ad Fraud: How Big Is The Problem?


Everyone believes ad fraud is not impacting them. While the truth is that It is hampering almost everyone. And when it happens everyone in the value chain loses money. Hard earned dollars. The problem stems from the people not understanding ad fraud in the first place and not giving it due attention as of now. It has turned out to become a cat and mouse game. Here are a few points covered in this episode- 

  • What is ad fraud and what are the different kinds of ad frauds? 
  • What should a pub do to be saved from ad fraud?
  • What is an arbitrage?
  • Are sophisticated platforms like GA not able to direct bot traffic? What do you need to do?
  • How do affiliates stuff browsers with cookies?
  • How to educate brands that ad fraud is a problem that needs to be encountered?




Deepankar Biswas

Entrepreneur, Winner at ET - Power of Ideas. Habitual Optimist. Working on building the next generation non human traffic detection engine at Botman.

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About the company

A Cloud-based Online Ad Fraud Detection Platform which helps detect Invalid Ad Traffic, Leads and classifies them. It helps Mitigate Risk, Clean Traffic Sources & Suppliers, Improve Quality of Ad Traffic & Leads, and thereby returning robust KPIs Improves Revenues.

To protect against Ad Fraud and offer our users a higher level of security they analyze and identify Spam, Bot Networks & Fraudulent Traffic, from identifying Fake IPs, Fake Devices to Fake Sources and Abnormal Traffic Patterns. We have implemented an Invalid Lead Scoring System so that th users never pay for non-converting leads.


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