Are Interactive Ads Disrupting the Advertising Game?


When was the last time you clicked on a display ad? With all of the things that have gone through change, one thing that hasn’t changed is display ads and how they still expect users to trade their attention by clicking on it. A format of ad which has gone through the least amount of innovation and mobile ads are not exploited as it could be. Vishal Rupani throws light on mobile advertising and how interactive ads can change the game for publishers. Here are few points that covered in this episode- 

  • What has ads changed from then to now?
  • Brands are slapping existing creative to come up with new ads. How to make ads effective and engaging
  • How to reach out to Gen Z  and engage them effectively 
  • Examples and use cases of brands that use bad-ass interactive ads
  • 4 key problem that pub face and what they need to do to fix 
  • Will the newer formats become standard ads on mobile at some point of time?
  • How does interactive ads  work in the context of programmatic?
  • What is stopping brands to go beyond agency and media, and approach and try innovative stuff on mobile?
vishal rupani


Vishal Rupani

Vishal Rupani is the co-founder & CEO of mCanvas, VP @Affinity, Advisor, TripperWifi and DMA Asia Marketing Influencer. He is also AR 40 under 40.

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About the company

mCanvas is an experiential storytelling platform that helps brands emotionally connect with their audiences on small screens. Their mobile ads and content marketing solutions make experiences interactive and memorable by etching phone sensors and device features in to the brand narrative. mCanvas is creating 'wow' moments every day by reinventing formats, building tools and providing a marketplace to run these experiences at scale.


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