Complete Marketing Stack (Set of Tools) For Publishers For 2020 


Publishers have for the longest time relied on Google and Facebook but their algorithm changes make it difficult to play catch up. And publishers find themselves pulling out their hair to figure out their digital strategy. But building a publisher marketing stack is now more critical than ever as the world gets sucked into the lockdown. And here is the saddest part- not a lot of publishers are aware of marketing stacks let alone have one. In this episode we take a dip into how publishers need to build a marketing stack to get the flywheel in motion.Here are some points that are covered in this episode- 

  • How should one look at marketing products while building a marketing stack for the first time
  • What does a funnel for the publishers look like?
  • 3 ways of engaging users who visit a publisher website
  • Who to use these 3 ways for 3 different campaigns
  • Important segments that a news website should be building



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