Why is SEO Important for Publishers (more than ever) in 2020?


SEO is critical for any website out there. But knowing that and actually taking the right steps towards it, makes all the difference. Truth be told, it is a tough nut to crack. And it has especially been a pain in the a** for publishers, bloggers & media site owners, irrespective of whether they have a million pages on their site or are just starting from scratch.

On today's episode we have Michael Bertini laying it out for publishers on what they should be doing to ace their SEO game. Here are a few points covered in the episode -

  • Does the meaning of SEO change with the size of business?
  • Thinking about strategy from ground zero for large media houses. How does things change?
  • 3 things that publishers need to focus on for their SEO
  • AMP and SEO - How do they go hand in hand?
  • What changes Mobile SEO and its importance
  • Battling the Google search algorithm updates and how should publishers plan for this
  • Importance of repeat traffic/loyalty as a ranking factor for publishers
    Strategy of backlinking for large websites


Michael Bertini

Michael Bertini is an internationally known as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert who specializes in enterprise-level SEO for the financial services industry. For over a decade, Michael has been consulting for brands such as Sallie Mae, American Express, Chase, Citi, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and Royal Bank of Canada. Michael is well recognized as a former black-hat SEO, technical SEO expert, and link builder.

Currently, his time goes into building enterprise SEO teams, leading SEO training sessions, and consulting for banks, credit unions, and financial lenders.

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iQuanti, Inc. was founded to deliver on the promise of high performance digital marketing​. They differentiate themselves through cutting edge analytics, a robust proprietary tool-set and a strong record of delivering results. Their enterprise SEO tool ALPS was "Highly Commended"​ at the Drum Search Awards USA 2018. They were ranked on the Inc.500 list of fastest growing companies in the US four years in a row. 


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