The Unbundling of the Adobe Creative Suite



Kayla Yandoli part of BuzzFeed’s social team created this compilation of “shady” insults from 'The Golden Girls' in the latter half of 2017. The video was shared 1.1 million times. What is worth mentioning is that Yandoli estimated that it only took her only an hour and a half to edit.

In 2017, Elaine, a product designer at BuzzFeed along with Joseph, a software engineer at Buzzfeed started to work on the problem called Adobe Premiere. The end goal - Making video production easier. Easy and not simple.

One thing led to another - and in less than 3 years the video production and automation category have exploded. Right from DIY Video Tools to video automation engines, to creative automation platform - products.

The adobe creative suite is being unbundled. Piece by Piece. On a daily basis. Adobe products have scared the wannabe creators. But tools like Rocketium and Typito are making “design and creation” a level playing field. Here’s are a few points that would be covered in this episode-

  • Enabling marketers is impactful. How has life changed for marketers and designers?
  • Designers and video producers a lot more freedom and time to be really creative. At some level - it also strips them of work. How do producers feel about this?
  • In the creative stack - which is usually every single product of adobe - What do you think is next in line to get disrupted? Why that?
  • Tools like these enable joe-marketers who have limited know-how of design. What can marketers look out for next?


Satej Sirur

Satej is the CEO @ Rocketium. He is a product professional with experience in startups and large enterprises working in distributed as well as local teams. He has a [roven track record of delivering products with operational excellence. Hands-on with the entire range of skills from writing software to leading teams to defining the company's roadmap. Equally comfortable in dealing with analytics, creatives, people, and technology. Interested in solving big problems that have a huge impact.

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About InVideo

Creating visual content (images, videos, GIFs) is hard - you need designers, high-end hardware, and several hours. Rocketium helps businesses make impressive creatives at scale with a suite of products:-
Studio - easy online creator, Button - white-label creator, Code - API for automated creation. Rocketium serves 120,000+ users and 6,000+ paying customers from 55 countries.


About Typito

At Typito they enable YouTubers, Vloggers and Marketing professionals to create beautiful and engaging videos to grow their business. Typito is a web-based drag-and-drop style application that lets you add beautiful typography, images & layouts within minutes. Collaborate with your team, review and share the videos with the world - all from one place.

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