Why is Email Deliverability Still A Thing In 2020?


It has been more than 50 years since email came into being and even now, it impacts every marketer's life. And despite it working wonders, there have been rumors going on that email is dead. But we all know that it works. If Email was a person, it would be called Boomer. Yes. That's how Email has been. Email is not as cool as Tiktok, Snapchat, Insta stories but guess what - it is one channel that almost all marketers swear by. And this is why Email deliverability needs to be spoken about. No matter if we are 2019 or COVID Hit-Lockdown-2020.

In this episode, Agnibha Nath, Founder @SendX reveals secrets of email deliverability in 2020. Here are a few points that are covered. 

  • Are all your customers receiving emails? What you need should be doing
  • How not to be spoofed while sending emails. 
  • What is an SPF and why is it critical to set it up?
  • Industry-standard for bounce rates. And what you should be doing
  • The dark side of email deliverability and blacklists
  • Everyone says that they are not spamming the customers. What makes you spammy?
  • How should different teams manage their email communication? 
  • Sales vs Product vs Marketing - Who gets to use the main domain for their email?
  • Despite a bad campaign, what is a campaign killer?


Agnibha Nath

A guy who loves solving business problems ‘technically’, Agnibha Nath is the co-founder and head of support and email deliverability at SendX. Having worked as a Software Engineer/Developer at Indix and PartyGaming, Agnibha has led SendX for the last 3.8 years now. He loves FRIENDS, footy, travelling and occasionally plays the six strings.

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About the company


SendX is a 360-degree email marketing automation platform for B2B companies and bloggers. They help companies acquire and engage customers at scale.


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