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WordPress is currently powering more than 25% of the Web and the figure is increasing everyday. Bloggers, Marketers are on the lookout for ways to drive engaged readers back on their website. iZooto's WordPress Web Push Plugin helps you achieve that by sending highly personalized notifications to your users even when they are not on your website. iZooto's WordPress plugin helps to boost your traffic and generate leads by sending website notifications to subscribers.
Integrate iZooto on your WordPress site within minutes, with our one-click integration. No custom development.

Build Marketing Lists

iZooto helps you convert your web traffic into subscribers. With Opt-in rates upto 25%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.

Segment Users

Using iZooto you can analyse your subscribers as per their geography, device used and browsing behaviour.

Personalised Notifications

Using iZooto, you can personalize all your notifications, creating a better connect with your subscribers.
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How to install iZooto's Web Push Plugin.
Integrate iZooto by following these simple steps and start sending push notifications to your subscribers.
Step 1 : On your wordpress dashboard, hover on to plugins and select Add New.
Wordpress Dashboard
Step 2 : Search for iZooto. Once the iZooto browser push plugin appears in the result, click on Install Now followed by Activate.
Search for iZooto plugin in WordPress
Step 3 : Once it is activated, click on the iZooto plugin on the left sidebar. Now click on Activate iZooto.
Activate iZooto plugin in WordPress
Step 4.1 : For new users the process gets completed right after they click on Activate iZooto and they will get this prompt.
New user iZooto prompt in WordPress
Step 4.2 : For users who are already registered on iZooto, need to fill the details in the form to complete the process.
Prompt with form for already registered iZooto users
Step 5 : The activation process is now complete. You can now send notifications to your subscribers.
Successful activation of iZooto plugin in Wordpress
Step 6 : However, if due to any technical issues the activation fails, then you've to manually enter your iZooto ID (that you had copied from your iZooto dashboard).
iZooto activation failure due to technical error prompt
Step 7 : After entering the iZooto ID, the activation process will be completed.
Activating iZooto plugin manually by entering iZooto ID
Step 8 : Go ahead and start sending push notifications to your subscribers.
iZooto web push prompt on website powered by Wordpress
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