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WordPress currently powers more than 25% of the Web and the figure is increasing everyday. Bloggers, Marketers are on the lookout for ways to drive engaged readers back on their website. iZooto's WordPress Web Push Plugin helps you achieve that by sending highly personalized notifications to your users even when they are not on your website. iZooto's WordPress plugin helps to boost your traffic and generate leads by sending website notifications to subscribers.


Here's how to setup iZooto on Wordpress site


Step 1 : In your Wordpress account, go to plugins and select 'Add New'.


Wordpress Dashboard


Step 2 : Search for ' iZooto', install and activate the plugin.


Search for iZooto plugin in WordPress


Step 3 : Go to the iZooto plugin from the left sidebar and click on 'Activate iZooto'.


Activate iZooto plugin in WordPress


That's it. The plugin adds required code to your site and completes the integration.


new user wordpress


If you're an existing user, you can login to your iZooto account to complete the integration.


New user iZooto prompt in WordPress


The activation process is now complete. You can now send notifications to your subscribers.

If the integration fails, you can setup the plugin manually using your iZooto ID.

1. Login to your iZooto account, go to Settings > Integration Instructions > Copy the iZooto ID.

2. Enter your iZooto ID, submit and activate the plugin.


Prompt with form for already registered iZooto users


Once done, you should see a subscription prompt on your site. You can now start sending notifications to your subscribers from your iZooto account. Feel free to contact us in case of issues.


iZooto web push prompt on website powered by Wordpress


Video tutorial for integrating iZooto on your WordPress site




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