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Instapage is a landing page builder that allows user to design landing pages for their products or service. Users can select from the wide range of pre-designed templates or can design their own page. Instapage has inbuilt heatmaps and provides A/B testing on current landing pages. Landing pages are built to address a specific business objective and therefore it becomes important to keep a track of each and every visitor. Enabling web push notifications on landing pages will help in getting you more leads which can be targeted later.


Here's how to setup iZooto on your Instapage landing pages


Step 1 : Go to your iZooto account and copy the JS code from Integration Instructions menu under Settings.


izooto-integration-instruction (1)


Step 2 : Login to your Instapage account and select your landing page

Step 3 : Click on Javascripts under the Settings dropdown menu.




Step 4 : Select Head and Paste the iZooto script.




Step 5 : Save your landing page and you’re ready to go.




You can check for the prompt once the page is published. If you face any issues, feel free to contact us.




*HTTPS integration is not possible as the platform doesn't allow you to access the root folder.

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