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Here's how to setup web push notifications on your  OpenCart store


Step 1: Go to OpenCart Marketplace and search for iZooto and select the extension

iZooto on OpenCart


Step 2: Click on the download button

download iZooto extension from OpenCart


Step 3: Download the iZooto version that matches the OpenCart version

iZooto extensions for different OpenCart versions


Step 4: Extract the zip file and upload it on your OpenCart server

Step 5: Go back to the admin panel of your OpenCart account and from the left menu bar go to Extension Installer > Extensions

OpenCart Extensions


Step 6: Click on the drop down to chose your extension type and select Modules 

Modules in OpenCart M


Step 7: Now scroll down you will find iZooto and click on the edit button on the right

iZooto in OpenCart


Step 8: Now get your iZooto id from your iZooto account (steps explained below) and paste it the space for iZooto ID. This will complete the integration

place iZooto id in OpenCart


Step 9: Your iZooto plugin on the Extensions page will appear active

iZooto activated in OpenCart


Step 10: Now visit your OpenCart website and you should get the subscription prompt from iZooto

Subscription prompt by iZooto sent to store visitors

How to get your iZooto Id

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login to your iZooto account or create one if you don't have it already

Step 3: On the left bar go to Settings > Installation Instructions

integration instructions in iZooto

Step 4: On the installation details page locate iZooto Id for Setup  

iZooto id

Step 5: The encrypted text is your iZooto Id. You can copy the id and will be good to go

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