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Trusted by over 40 million users worldwide, Weebly offers an easy drag and drop feature to build responsive websites. One can easily create a website with the help of predefined themes which can be edited. E-commerce marketers and bloggers are always looking for a solution to engage and retain their website visitors. This is where iZooto’s web push notifications can help them to achieve their objectives. Create delightful user experience by sending personalized notification basis user journey.

Here's how to setup iZooto on your Weebly site

Step 1: Signup on iZooto. Add your site as an HTTP site since Weebly doesn't yet support HTTPS implementation for Web Push Notifications.

Step 2: In your iZooto account, go to Settings > Integration Instructions and copy the JS code.


Step 3: Login to your Weebly account, choose 'Embed Code' option.


Step 4: Click on 'Edit Custom HTML' and paste the JS code.


Step 5: Save and publish the changes. That's it.


You should see a subscription prompt on your site.


Feel free to contact us in case of issues. Weebly doesn't support HTTPS implementation of Web Push Notifications yet.

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