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Building an e-commerce website with Volusion is intuitive and straightforward. By integrating iZooto web push notifications on your Volusion website, you can engage, re-target and convert your users effectively. Besides providing a multi-browser and cross device support, iZooto comes packed with astonishing features that ensure high user engagement for your Volusion site even when users are not present on the website. Allowing marketers to trigger relevant, real-time and user centric notifications, iZooto enables marketers to add personalization to their user communication. With iZooto browser push notifications many leading e-commerce brands are now experiencing as good as 25% increase in their average cart value.
How to install iZooto's Web Push Plugin.
Integrate iZooto Web Push Plugin on your Volusion website by following these simple steps.
Step 1: Begin with signing in to iZooto.com with your credentials. On the dashboard, click on settings on the left sidebar, select integration details and copy the JS code.
iZooto integration instructions
Step 2: Log in to your Admin Area.
Volusion admin panel
Step 3: Go to Marketing tab and from the dropdown menu select SEO.
Volusion admin panel marketing dropdown menu
Step 4: With the Default Values tab selected, paste the the text into the Globally Appended Meta Tags field (either press CTRL + V, or right-click and select Paste) and click on ‘Save’
Adding iZooto script in Volusion