How MOARTraffic Makes Revenue Using Push Notification


A Webinar Exclusively For The Adult Industry To Help You Monetize Better With Push Notifications

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The Adult industry for quite sometime has been equipped with the knowledge and usage of push notifications. Although monetization using Push Notifications is still unknown to a lot out there. But with Corona Virus and almost the entire world in a lock-down, adult businesses are seeing crazy traffic. How can you use this crisis-turned-opportunity to maximize your growth?

Plus, when it comes to marketing, the adult industry is way ahead of its counterparts in the mainstream. But is that always the case? Almost everyone in the adult industry is well aware about push notifications but let’s face it, most folks have only used it as a channel to get some more traffic. There is a LOT more to just buying and selling push traffic. One out of them is monetization.

Uncover the winning secrets of monetizing via push notifications with Malgo, the Head, AdSales @ MoarTraffic.

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Head of Ad Sales @ MoarTraffic

Technically proficient marketer with over eight years of experience in the online marketing industry. Currently managing the MOAR Traffic team. Responsible for making key decisions in order to scale the profitability of worldwide traffic.

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