Own Your Audience Instead of Renting it

Because nothing that's "rented" lasts long

Your Current Challenges:

Taking your audience back from those that borrowed it

When referral traffic and revenue share was proposed by the digital walled gardens, almost every publisher fell for the bait. Fast forward to 2019, regular algorithm updates, slivered revenues, and industrial dominance has started giving publications a wake-up call. They have recognized their original ticket to a higher and reliable revenue source - their audience - which still remains in the possession of the walled gardens.

Lifting ad revenues in an ad blocking and banner blind era

That's what 5000 ads/day/user does to an ad format. Users are figuring out ways to improve their digital experience - our job. Challenges like ad blockers and banner blindness are prevailing in the industry - obvious outcome. For publishers, it's become scary to open the revenue dashboards only to find lesser dollars, again. Good thing - players have realized the challenge. Solutions are being worked upon. Publishers just need to follow - the sooner the better.

Converting Fly-by visitors into actual paying subscribers

Fly-by's contain no value, said no audience owning publisher ever. These visitors are temporary - they come to the website, consume content and leave - they contribute to nothing but site traffic. But fly-by's also become a recurring revenue source once converted into paying subscribers. It's a hard win. Such conversions require timely and personalized engagement. iZooto simply wants to help, attend the webinar to learn how.


How to Build (and precisely OWN) Your Audience That Nobody Else Gets to Control

19th June

09:00 AM PST

Back in 2010, when audience control was not a paining concern for most publishers, walled gardens borrowed their audience in exchange of referral traffic and a portion of the ad revenue.

Little did those publishers realize their contribution in empowering the walled gardens that too at the cost of their own brand, their own audience. Many publishers today have realized where the fault was at and have become skeptic towards sharing content on any unreliable platforms anymore. As now is the time to work towards owning what once belonged to them - their audience.

You'll learn:

  • How publishers landed on a tough-spot b/w rented traffic and an owned audience? Why and exactly how building a robust marketing stack helps you circumvent the dominance of the accused walled gardens?
  • Why do publishers need to build a direct relationship with their website audience? Which revenue models and audience engagement practices help you build that rapport?
  • How iZooto identified the flaws and ways to slam the shrinking revenues and slivered referral traffic? Why G2Crowd, partners and our diversified customer network recommend iZooto?

About The Presenters:

Laura Gaffney

VP Global Publisher & Business Development at Prohaska Consulting

Laura heads up the PubDev team and also handles business development on the West Coast. Prior to joining Prohaska Consulting Laura was VP of Supply at Smaato, a global mobile RTB ad exchange. Before that, she was SVP Media at programmatic video company Unruly where she managed media acquisition, planning and operations. She built a media publisher network for NetShelter Technology from scratch to become the largest technology publisher network across the globe.

She brings the experience of numerous adtech solutions including SaaS, Video, Mobile, Programmatic, RTB, Social and CMS platforms to the Prohaska Consulting team.

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Vivek Khandelwal

Co-founder at iZooto

Vivek Khandelwal founded iZooto three years back to help businesses engage and retain website visitors with personalized web push notifications. iZooto works with more than 15,000 marketers worldwide and was recently ranked first in the G2Crowd listing of “best web push notification software”.

iZooto is trusted by many large enterprise publishers including the likes of Condé Nast, NewsCorp, BloombergQuint, etc and have helped publishers boost their site traffic by up to 15%. Publishers also tap on iZooto's monetization stack to increase the revenue by up to 12% with push notification ads.

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