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WooCommerce is one of the most relied and free WordPress Plugin for developing an online store. Online marketers are constantly finding solutions to take the processes like user-engagement, re-engagement and re-targeting to the next level. Adding another layer of efficiency is critical, and for this they need to keep their users engaged all the time. Use iZooto’s WordPress Web Push Plugin to send highly user-centric and personalized notifications to all the users even when they are not on your website. With Opt-in rates as good as upto 25%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.


Getting started with iZooto browser push notifications for your WooCommerce store in less than 5 minutes to enjoy the 1-click subscription.

Custom Audience Targeting

Use iZooto web push notifications to segment your audience based on their location, interests and behaviour before starting your notification campaign.

Announcements and Flash Sales

Be it the addition of a new product collection or the announcement of flash sales, iZooto’s web push plugin can be leveraged for astonishing results.


Use iZooto web push notifications to send out reminders to your audience about abandon carts and trigger them to come back to your website.
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How to install iZooto's Web Push Plugin

Sign up on iZooto.com with your credentials. On the dashboard, go to settings on the left sidebar, select integration details and copy the iZooto ID.

Step 1: On your wordpress dashboard, hover on to ‘Plugins’ on the left sidebar and select ‘Add New’.

Step 2: Search for iZooto. Once the iZooto browser push plugin appears in the result, click on ‘Install Now’ followed by ‘Activate’

Step 3: Once the plugin is active, It will reflect on the left sidebar. Click on it for further integration steps.

Step 4: Paste your iZooto ID for your website and save it to complete the integration process.

Other Integrations

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