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Core Challenges

Never-ending board room discussions. A hunt for new audience acquisition channels. Traffic.      

#1 Building a future-ready brand has a prime ask - an owned audience - can't be built in a snap of a finger. A consistent audience growth that simultaneously scales your website traffic would help.

#2 You lose a portion of your traffic every time an algorithm update hits Search. A portion that if converted to a loyal audience had a decent chance of revisiting your website.

#3 Unlike most media houses, yours believe in content distribution. But the audience built on Facebook hardly sees your content in their feed nowadays. There's a clear need to rely on more than just one source to ensure meaningful and consistent engagement.

#4 Scaling revenues month over month has been a consistent challenge for quite sometime now. All that truly matters now is a sustainable revenue stream.    

Why Product Managers Recommend iZooto?

Owned Audience Growth

To Enable A Consistent Inflow Of Traffic

Publishers working with iZooto are able to convert 18% of their new traffic to repeat traffic. This not only helps you boost your website sessions but also empowers brand loyalty as a whole. 



Loyalty Lead Audience Nurturing 

Convert New Visitors To Loyal Audience, Starting Day #1


Empower your editorial and marketing teams with personalization tokens and ready Playbooks and start converting your new traffic to a loyal audience right from Day #1.



Multi Channel Audience Acquisition

To Ensure You Stay One Step Ahead

iZooto helps you build your owned audience with 4 powerful acquisition channels - Web Push, App Push, Messenger Push and Emails (Coming Soon). B
uild your audience on all the four channels and enable a four-fold impact for your future ready media house.


Sustainable Revenue

Incremental $$ From Contextual Native Ads

iZooto has partnered with various ad networks to deliver contextual push notification ads that don't occupy any ad space on the website and deliver extremely high visibility.    

2 (1)-2

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iZooto Leads The 19
"Best Push Notification Solutions"
Ranked By G2Crowd For 2020


Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

Do you know that feeling when you are stuck for hours on support lines and waiting for someone to resolve your query? There’s only little that help docs and FAQs can do and sometimes you need a real human who can understand your problem. With iZooto, you don’t need to worry about any of this

Don’t take our words, see what Erin has to say - "Great Platform, Great Employees! If you have questions on creating segments or ideas for new campaigns the employees are always there to help"


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