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Tired of Ad Fatigue and rampant AdBlocker usage? As a publisher, you are always exploring new revenue streams, and iZooto is your perfect avenue to start earning more. Monetize your visitors and start generating incremental revenue today! 

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Monetizing with iZooto

Increase visibility, ignite ad impressions, encourage click-throughs, and generate profits. We have our in-house mediation platform and the largest number of demand partners to maximize revenue.


Push Notification Ads

Send native ads on both web and app push notifications and get more impressions than ever when users are not on your website. 


Innovative Ad Units On The Website

Show ads on different widgets on the website. All these widgets ensure more visibility, helping you get better impressions. 

Earn Without Breaking A Sweat

Global Demand Partners

iZooto aggregates demand from DSPs across the globe and ensures that your subscribers are shown contextual and engaging ads. 

Transparant Revenue Reports 

Track the revenue generated easily right from the iZooto dashboard. Know how each channel is performing and how much you have earned. 

Hassle-Free Payouts 

Easy net 60-day payouts. Track revenue clearly on the iZooto dashboard. Get a payout on reaching the threshold. 

6 Ways Publishers Earn Money with iZooto

Start monetizing with these 6 ways via iZooto and earn from your flybys and the audience that you build 

1. Monetize Your Audience With Web Push Notifications

Highly viewable impressions through ads on the notification inventory. Push notification ads occupy zero pixels on the website. Each Push Notification complements your website ad inventory instead of competing with it.

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Free For Life 

iZooto’s monetization plan remains absolutely free forever so that you can just focus on earning more revenue. No hidden charges!


Unlimited Subscribers For Life 

Send up to 10 notifications daily to the push notification subscriber base you have built. There is no limit to the subscribers. 


Earn Ad Revenue

Get a rev share on revenue generated from ads shown to your visitors and your push notification audience.

app push ad

2. Earn Incremental Revenue With App Push Notifications

Show ads to your app push notification audience you have built. Include an ad as a notification and reach out to a wide audience and generate revenue. Earn incremental revenue just like that without disrupting the reading experience. 

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"Our revenue stream was initially limited to Google AdSense. We saw iZooto as an alternative source of revenue and implemented it on some of our websites. The results are impressive, with a noticeable increase in earnings. We have now extended the monetization strategy across our other websites."


3. Monetize Flyby Visitors With News Hub

News Hub is a notification center for your website that has relevant news stories stacked up. Whenever a reader lands on a page and scrolls, an ad flies out from the News Hub icon. It is evidently placed ensuring that it gets maximum eyeballs. Once the News Hub is open an ad will also be displayed within the notification center.

flyout and news hub

4. Maximize Earnings Through
Innovative Website Ad Units

Unlock additional revenue streams by featuring ads on both Exit Intent and Sticky Bar Recommendations. Seamlessly enhance content discovery while simultaneously boosting your earnings potential.


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newsletter ad

5. Show Ads On Email Newsletter

Monetize your email subscribers! The weekly newsletter will feature one advertisement for every two articles. iZooto will also send out emails with special offers that match subscriber interests or that come from specific brands.

6. Show An Ad On Ad Block Recovery

Encourage users to disable ad blockers, ensure effective ad displays and maximize on ad revenue. Nudge readers to disable ad blocks and while at it show them an ad on the the Ad Block Recovery template. 

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 6.37.03 PM
messenger landing page monetization

7. Messenger Landing Page Monetization

Messenger Push Notifications not only make content discovery simpler, but also helps generate revenue via ads. Every time a user clicks on a Messenger Push Notification and lands on a webpage, show relevant display ads. We make it possible for you to effortlessly display contextual ads, maximizing your audience monetization potential.

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