Ideal for bloggers for efficient targeting and automation
  • Manage up to 3 Websites
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Device-based Targeting
  • Subscription-Based targeting
  • Geo-based targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Welcome Your Subscribers Playbook
  • Messenger Engagement
  • Sticky App Notifications
  • Newsroom App Template
  • One-Tap Email Opt-in
  • News Hub
  • Ad Block Recovery
  • Sticky Bar Recommendations
  • Email Support



Free For Life

Unlimited Subscribers

Ideal for newsrooms and bloggers to generate repeat traffic and revenue
  • Manage upto 10 websites
  • 10 campaigns per day
  • Push Notification APIs
  • Device, Subscription and Geo based targeting
  • Welcome Your Subscribers Playbook
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Audience Monetization
  • Email Support



Ideal for publishers for running everything on autopilot
  • Everything in Rise +

    • Manage up to 5 websites
    • User Property-based targeting
      - Up to 32 properties 
    • Recurring Campaigns
    • Integration with RSS feed 
    • Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook
    • Recover Video Drop-offs Playbooks 
    • Messenger Auto Engage
    • Timer App Template
    • Email Newsletter
    • Exit Intent Recommendations
    • Opt-in to monetize with Ads
    • Chat Support

Pay For Push Notifications Based On Subscriber Growth

Take charge of your own audience marketing and build a loyal audience through direct engagement.
Enjoy the freedom to send unlimited notifications and pay based on number of subscribers.

Web Push Notifications

Popular Features 

  • Precise Segmentation For Contextual Notifications
  • AI Recommendations Based On User Interest
  • Ready Playbooks To Engage And Retain Users
web push pricing

Messenger Push Notifications

Popular Features

  • Convert Engaged Facebook Users into Subscribers 
  • Drive Newsletter Subscription Right From The Messenger Inbox
  • Send Notifications Via RSS With Messenger Auto Engage
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messenger pricing

App Push Notifications

Popular Features

  • Newsroom Template To Grab Attention
  • Segment Your Audience To Hit The Bull’s Eye
  • Sticky Notifications For Better Click Through Rates
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app pricing

Pay Based On Volume With Email Newsletter

Popular Features

  • One-Tap Google Opt-In
  • Email Automation via RSS
  • Domain Reputation Management

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Are you a media house looking for dedicated support and control?

Choose the Enterprise Plan

Manage upto 100 websites, get access to 5 custom Playbooks, get a dedicated support manager, unlimited team member access and more.

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Monetize For Free And Boost Revenue

Our Monetize plan is an absolute win for you - it's free, it adds to your revenue,
and it gives you full access to all our features. 

Web Push Notifications

Send native ads on web push notifications and get better impressions even when users are not on your website. 

App Push Notificaitons

Display advertisements to your app push notification audience. Include a notification ad to expand your reach and boost revenue.

Messenger Push Notifications

Show ads on landing pages users visit via Messenger Push Notifications.

Email Newsletter

Monetize email subscribers! The weekly newsletter will feature one advertisement for every two articles. 

News Hub

Whenever a reader scrolls on a page, an ad flies out from the News Hub icon. Also show an ad within the News Hub.

On-Site Interactions

Show ads on Exit Intent, Sticky Bar Recommendations and Ad Block Recovery. Ensure better ad impressions.

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Monetize To Fuel In Additional Revenue


Make the most of your audience

Your audience is an asset and we want to help you to make the most of it. Monetize your push notification inventory with native content ads, without competing with any of your existing revenue channels.

Demand partners you can trust on

We have partnered with Taboola, to ensure that we are to serve your audience a value-adding native ad experience. Give your users a seamless experience with relevant native ads. 

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15,000+ Happy Publisher Brands, Including

  • News Corp
  • Network18
  • MalayMail
  • Conde Nast
  • Tencent
  • Bloomberg Quint

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Want to get familiar with the solution?

Know how you can leverage iZooto to scale your business. Our sales team will walk you through all that you can do to start building, owning and growing your audience. Bring in repeat traffic and engage uses like never before. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a subscriber?

Your website visitor who opts-in to receive notifications from your website is counted as a subscriber. This permission by the visitor is given through the subscription prompt.

Does pricing depend on the number of subscribers I have?

Yes. pricing is proportionate to the count of acquired subscribers for all our push notifications products. As for Email Newsletter, pricing is based on number of emails sent. 

I am already using another marketing automation tool. How can I migrate?

Migration is simple. Signup on iZooto and reach out to our team. You can get on chat or drop a mail on solutions@izooto.com.

I have more than one website. Can I manage all of them with the same iZooto account?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can manage both your publisher website and E-commerce store from the same iZooto account. 

I am already using another push notification provider. Can I also use iZooto for monetization?

Absolutely! You can leverage iZooto for monetization even while using another push notification platform.

Can I send newsletters to my existing email subscribers using iZooto?

Yes, you can easily send email newsletters to your existing subscriber base through iZooto. You can replicate your current email subscriber list on iZooto and begin capturing new subscribers effortlessly.

If I am on the Grow plan, can I monetize as well?

Yes, you can opt-in for the Monetize plan if you are on the Grow plan. 

If I choose to monetize through all channels, is it still free?

Yes, the monetization plan is entirely free, regardless of the number of channels you choose to monetize with.

How do I get started with the Monetize plan?

You can use the monetize plan as a stand-alone plan or club with the Grow plan. You can chat with us, book a demo or drop a mail on solutions@izooto.com to get started.

What Forms of Payment do you accept

We accept all types of credit cards and debit cards and even accept payments via PayPal.

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