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Frequently Asked Questions 


What about my user data and privacy?

User data for every customer is stored and managed separately and securely. As an account owner, you have full access to your subscriber data. Read more about our privacy policy and GDPR compliance.

What happens when my subscriber in my account exceeds the limit?

Depending upon the plan you are on, you will receive an email notification and would be automatically upgraded to the next tier. If you are on free plan and you exceed the number of subscribers, you will not be able to send notifications to your subscribers. 

What are the various payment options?

You can pay using credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners Club and Discover. You will also receive an invoice once the payment is processed.

How many notifications can I push in a day?

There is absolutely no limit on the number of notifications that you can push per day. Though we strongly recommend using targeted communication over spamming your users with too many notifications.

Push Notification only work on HTTPS websites.I have a HTTP website. Can I also use push notifications?

We do help HTTP websites use push notifications using a HTTPS subdomain. You could also use our branded sub-domain option ( part of the essential plan). This detailed article lists how iZooto works for HTTP websites.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can raise a request to upgrade or downgrade your plan from Dashboard. You can go to the Payment Details tab and raise a request to upgrade or downgrade your plan. You will receive an invoice from Datability Solutions Inc every time a successful payment is done.

How can I send data against users and segment user-base?

You can start defining user-attributes for your subscribers using custom javascript code. Read more here.

How do I switch from a Basic to Essential?

You can become a paid user by signing up for a monthly plan. Our paid plans are available for any size list and start as low as $25.

Do you offer any discount on Annual Subscriptions?

Yes. We offer a flat 15% discount on annual subscription plans.

Ulker Guluzadeh

Marketing Analyst at FSAStore.com

We have been using iZooto for a year, and in this short time frame, iZooto has unlocked a powerful customer engagement, and, perhaps even more important, a new revenue stream for us


Digital Marketing Manager at Biba

We have clocked 11x ROI on our iZooto investment. Web push notifications perform better than our paid campaigns. Thanks to the awesome team that has opened the doors to a whole new marketing channel.

Geraldine Mésange

SEO Manager at Audibene

 iZooto has helped us quickly and easily leverage new traffic sources for our main websites thanks to a fast integration and great communication with the teams.

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