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6 Powerful Native Ads Platforms Every Publisher Should Consider

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024

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6 Powerful Native Ads Platforms Every Publisher Should Consider

Persistent advertisement pop-ups are annoying. Unsurprisingly, almost 47% of internet users use ad blockers against the increasing ads. As a result some companies vigorously throw pop-ups, unsolicited invites, subscription boxes, and banner ads at any user visiting their website or app. A study reveals an average person encounters over 1700 advertisements monthly. The outcome? A lack of trust in the brands.

It is understandable. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your reader. How would it feel to have your online experience interrupted time and again by an unskippable ad that neither reflects your interest nor matches the content you consume? It will most likely leave you with a bad experience and, may have a detrimental effect on the brand or the publication.

In a time where conventional strategies like banner ads and full-page pop-ups have transformed into intruding villains in the marketing landscape, native advertising shines as the saviour. The ad tech and native ads industry is booming. Native ad spending is estimated to reach $98.59 billion in 2023 in the US alone!

Why is native advertising flourishing? And how does one start with native ads? We’ll walk you through the basics and highlight the best platforms to help you get started.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising seamlessly integrates promotional content along with user experience in a non-disruptive way. Simply put, such ads are woven into the 'native' content of the publisher to ensure they do not chip in when someone is scrolling down the internet. It is simply a paid ad that fits right into a website.

Research shows approximately 70% of users would appreciate learning about products and services through content than traditional ads. Moreover, native ads increase purchase intent by 18%, (a win for the advertiser) while adding to publisher revenue sources.

Besides these, the other benefits of native advertising include

  • It creates alluring and engaging advertisements suited for all devices. These ads can elevate brand affinity by 9% over display ads.
  • You can blend vital brand content and appealing advertising without compromising the seamless and natural format.
  • Consumers engage 53% more with native ads than display ads. As a result, native ads have a higher click-through rate than display ads at 0.80%. It drives more conversions and results in better revenue generation.

Types of Native Advertising

Native advertising has multiple formats and delivery techniques. It resonates with internet users, comes off as non-invasive, and creates a seamless customer experience. You might have seen one before- but probably didn’t recognize it.

1. In-Feed Ads

In-feed advertisements are non-disruptive and integrate into the regular content. Users consult with them in their social media or news feed naturally and with little effort. These ads typically are videos or static images and include a call-to-action to lure customers. In-feed ads are versatile and flexible and can help you in keeping the customer engaged as they dive down their journey funnel.


Here is an instance of an in-feed ad. LinkedIn is among the most sought-after B2B advertising platforms. An ad to save your firm from rising cybersecurity appears logical and genuine. The disclosure is right below the company promoting its service. A single click on the ad will lead you to the landing page of Red Hat.

2. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content refers to content that aligns with the editorial standards of a website. However, it is paid content from an outside advertiser instead of the site owner. It allows marketers to reclaim themselves as niche publishers. Like in-feed ads, it blends with the website content and appears as its part. It materializes as long-form ads in the guise of editorial or video content.


Buzzfeed sponsored an article from Hot Wheels to promote awareness and deliver engaging content. The site mentioned that it is a paid post and stated the sponsor initially.

3. Content Recommendation Widget

Have you ever clicked on an article that said, “You might also like” while reading something? You must have seen the recommendations even if you never clicked on them. That is precisely how a content recommendation widget ad works. It meshes into the main page of the website. However, unlike other ads, it does not mimic the editorial feed appearance. Instead, it links the advertisement to a page off of the site.


Here the website displays several articles from the same publication. Once the user finishes reading, these recommendations will coax them into interacting with another that might intrigue them.

4. Email Newsletter Ads

Despite the innovations, emails are among the best-performing channels to distribute content. The seamless combination of valuable content by a known publisher via everyone’s favorite channel makes email newsletter ads a revenue-generating tool. The users can engage with the content, share it with their friends, and save it.


The renowned newsletter Hustle is trendy for its informational content that promises business and tech in less than five minutes. It allows subscribers to personalize their feeds and receive content that fits their interests.

5. Bespoke Native Ads

Advertisers strive to step up their game to attract customers. Native ads do not always have to be in the form of a content post. Bespoke native ads come in any format and fit with the content hub on a publisher's site.


The Washington Post and Mercedes designed a bespoke ad to promote the Mercedes E-Class. This article focuses on various technologies such as exoskeleton suits, virtual training for medical personnel, and the innovative electronic features of the Mercedes E-Class. It seamlessly integrates the features of the new car while highlighting other technologies that are superhuman.

Best Native Ads Platform

Selecting the right native ads platform is crucial for a publisher. Some of the factors that should be considered while zeroing in on an ad platform are as follows.

  1. Target audience: It's crucial for you to study your audience demographic thoroughly and select a platform that caters to the same demographic as you do.
  2. Ad Formats: To maximize your revenue from native ads select a platform that offers multiple ad formats that match your website.
  3. Content customization options: You should have the ability to customize the content that the platform offers. This ensures the content suits your audience, and delivers a good user experience.
  4. Compatibility: Selecting an Ad platform that is compatible with your existing CMS and Ad network will ensure smooth implementation.

To help narrow your search we’ve compiled a list of the best native ads platforms for news and media publishers.

1. Taboola

Taboola has now become the largest platform for native advertising. The cloud-based content and marketing platform helps you connect with the target audience. It predicts your users’ interests and offers content that might interest them. Engaging captions with appealing and fascinating content tempts users to click on the links and brings traffic and views to your page. The eligibility criteria for Taboola require traffic of over one million page views.


  • It maintains editorial control and monetizes the site.
  • It allows you to reach a massive audience and target them.
  • Taboola provides optimizable recommendations, from video views to app downloads to email sign-ups.

2. Outbrain

Outbrain is an AI-based performance platform that presents your content to customers without hindering their enjoyment. It is a leading platform for publishers used by renowned names like BBC and The Guardian. It gives room for your creativity to shine when uploading content. The network allows you to access top DSPs through programmatic native ad demand and makes your content visible by enhancing and recommending it.


  • Assists you in delivering specific ads based on user behavior.
  • Allows you to track clicks on conversion on retargeting ads.
  • Access testing tools to determine whether the ads convert effectively.

3. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is the answer if you want a sustainable advertising ecosystem for your content. The omnichannel supply side platform underpins enhanced experiences with advanced RTB tech. It helps you generate more leads and invest for better outcomes by furnishing quality demand for your content. It strives to furnish solutions that respect your users by providing a unique and interactive ad experience.


  • It is available directly in every DSP.
  • It offers top-notch scale across desktop, CTV, video, and native on mobile and desktop.
  • Sharethrough focuses on establishing direct connections and emphasizes a better experience.

4. RevContent

RevContent steals the light when talking about creating ads that guarantee increased digital presence and revenue in your publishing site. The platform has served and partnered with a number of publishers, including big names like Forbes and Wayfair. It facilitates a self-service feature to enable you to display ads depending on your needs. Further, you can rest easy as RevContent ensures authentic leads to your site and shields you from fraudulent traffic and bots.


  • It uses first-party data to accumulate required tracking statistics to shape your subsequent campaigns.
  • Eliminates budget fluctuations by offering practical strategies to control, promote, and track data.
  • Supports automated services to reduce manual work and save time and effort.

5. Nativo

Nativo combines technology and content to create a premium space where you can distribute and share your brand stories. It imposes no traffic restriction and uses the latest tech to deliver native ads and displays them in a publisher environment. You can choose a range of targeting options and activate different monetization partners simultaneously from its AdStore. Nativo will never disappoint you as your preferred platform with its quality experiences, flexible integration, and content intelligence.


  • Streamlines and scales content to ensure quality experiences.
  • Harbors patented technologies to impart valuable insight via content optimization and real-time measurement.
  • Integrates into workflows and empowers ad customization.

6. TripleLift

TripleLift is a one-stop platform that promises a perfect intersection of media and creativity. It enables you to monetize your inventory through its demand associates and partners. It offers a dedicated account manager and a customer support team to help you run ad campaigns. You can incorporate top-grade visual elements and illustrate them candidly in your publishing feeds.


  • It increases monetization potential for advertisers and publishers.
  • It offers features and formats to facilitate all kinds of ad campaigns.
  • It delivers scalable and premium targeting data solutions.


Native advertising can be a great source of additional income for publishers. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. The surge in native advertising has somehow blurred the lines between content and advertisements. As a result, you need to have appropriate disclosures in place for your readers to differentiate between your editorial content, sponsored content, and ads.

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