RSS Automation

Plug-And-Play Reader Engagement. Eliminate all manual efforts and distribute content without raising a finger. Let us take care of marketing your content while you can focus on what you do best - telling stories. 

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So Much To Do And So Little Time

An editor wears multiple hats juggling between creating, editing, publishing, and distributing content. They aren’t just covering news, but also incharge of marketing them. All editors want, is their content to reach their readers at the right time. But distribution has become just one more thing you need to get done along with the umpteen tasks on your plate. We understand that switching between content creation mode to content marketing mode is challenging. So is setting up campaigns and pushing notifications in real-time.


Make Distribution Simple With RSS Automation

Get more done by doing one thing less. No more worrying about sending out breaking news notifications. Put marketing on auto-pilot and engage your readers while completing other important tasks. Simply plug your RSS feed into iZooto, set the frequency of notifications and sit back and see readers getting back to your website. 

Editors are making RSS Automation use by setting up multiple RSS feeds such as- the Sports Feed, covering FIFA, Olympics or IPL, or any sport for that matter, Election Feed, where pre-election polls, rallies, the voting day or the counting update can automatically be sent, or even sending out a notification every time a new YouTube video is published, helping get more subscribers. Many editors put distribution on Auto-pilot for Technology, Opinion, and Editorial, Exam, and Job updated and many other feeds to keep readers updated.


How Publishers Are Making The Most Of
RSS Automation

Here are a few campaigns you can turn on RSS automation, especially if it is a piece of universal information 

  • Latest News Feed

    Keep readers updated on the latest happenings without raising a finger. Uninterrupted content coverage to keep you in the flow, while we take care of marketing it.

  • Weather Updates

    An update that definitely goes out every day. You don't want someone to waste their time and energy to distribute something that is a no-brainer.

  • Local Event Updates

    Inform readers what’s new in their vicinity. A notification would be pushed automatically so that your readers are not deprived of information in real-time to act upon it.

  • Daily Digests

    Keep readers in the loop of interesting happenings by sending out notifications to those who missed out on the action throughout the day.

  • Stock market round-up

    Stock market followers always need a day of coverage once the trading hours are over. Set up that RSS Feed for a notification to be sent daily without fail.

Auto Engage With Messenger Push Notifications

All editors want to do is save time. We know how packed your day is and why distributing the content published should be the last thing on your mind. We will ensure that the latest articles are sent to your subscribers directly into the Messenger inbox. Bid goodbye to all manual efforts and embrace automation. Drive more page views and increase revenue while you sip on long island ice tea or even while you are on a coffee break. 



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Recover Abandoned Tab

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