Best Practices To Understand your Audience


Building a subscriber list is just half the battle won. To make sure the juice is worth the squeeze, you need to engage your audience and earn their trust. And that’s why understanding your audience becomes critical. Finer nuances such as - what is it that they like to read, where they are from, or as simple as what device they prefer to consume information on, can be incredibly helpful for editors to send targeted notifications.

Why is understanding your
audience important?

Bring them back to your website

Reach out to the right audience with the right content. For example, sharing notification to your audience who are not into stocks, will irritate users and lead to low CTRs. On the other hand, when sports enthusiasts get to know about the EPL matches, they would consume that news delightfully and clicks on notifications will skyrocket.

Reduce unsubscriptions

No one likes to receive notifications on things that they are not interested in. And given that newsrooms publish a lot of stories every day, sending out a notification for each story to your entire audience is not a good idea. Irrelevant notifications sent to the audience pushes users to the edge, ultimately making them unsubscribe. Segmenting the audience helps publishers not bombard them with irrelevant content, thus leading to lesser unsubscriptions.

Building Fans

Contextual notifications help in building trust with time. Being consistent in delivering quality content that they like to read, increases the chances of your audience being loyal to your brand, and for all you know, they might convert into an audience that pays for your exclusive content.


Data over assumptions

Herzindagi realized that a good chunk of their audience is more active during the late evenings and traffic shoots up. Instead of going with traditional practices like don't push campaigns to all devices after sundown, they referred to their Google Analytics data and started to push more campaigns in the evenings for better engagement.

Important Segments that editors consider using from get go

Recently Acquired Subscribers

Reach out to your subscribers who have opted in for notifications in the last 7-15 days. Converting these subscribers into repeat users is extremely critical to set the audience flywheel in motion. This helps you to identify how your most recent audience is engaging. Also, this is the audience that is most active and tends to convert faster.

Mobile and Desktop Audience

If you are someone who caters to global audiences and publishes stories around the clock, then you definitely need to segment your audience according to the device. By looking at the Google Analytics data around the device you receive the most number of visitors at a particular time on your website, you can time your campaigns accordingly to increase the chances of the notification being clicked.

Timezone Based

If you have an audience across the globe, you need to make sure that you segment them according to the time-zone so that you don't reach out to them during odd hours. Imagine receiving a notification at 03:00 AM on ‘5 delicious recipes for dinner’!



improvement in CTR observed by
Sarkari Exam when they started targeting newly acquired audiences.


increase in CTR after Jagran implemented the segmentation on the basis of audience activity

Send contextual notifications to delight your audience



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How should publishers approach segmentation?

If you do not segment you can not target the right audience with the right notification. The repercussion of sending run-of-the-mill notifications are as drastic as being blocked by your audience forever. You can segment your audience on basis of -

  • Subscription date

    Reaching out to your audience on the basis of the subscription date helps reach out to the most active audience base.

  • Interests and preferences

    Understand where the interests of your audience lie. What do they usually prefer reading, the categories of the pages they visit, the videos they watch, and the language they prefer reading in, to strike the right chord.

  • Geo wise segmentation

    Segment audience based on their location. You can even go hyper-local by sending information pertaining to a particular region. A carnival in Dubai would make more sense to people in Dubai rather than someone in New York.

Audience Segmentation Framework

A list of 45+ segments gathered over 3 years that have given our customers amazing results. Make use of this resource and get your segmentation game rolling.


Keep it relevant. Keep it to the point.

How should you measure the impact of targeted notifications?

  • Track the CTRs and the clicks of various campaigns that are pushed to a segmented audience 
  • Track the page views, sessions, session duration, and conversions of those campaigns on Google Analytics 
  • Compare targeted campaigns with any previous campaign sent to all and see the change in the CTRs 

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