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Slash the distractions and increase discoverability. Get your own personalized notification inbox for your website where you don't have to struggle for attention.  


Normalizing ‘Clear’ All And Making
Accidental Swipes Bearable

Are your personalized notifications getting lost like a pin in a haystack? With numerous notifications from different websites and apps, subscribers tend to miss out on your notifications. Not anymore.

News Hub is a personalized notification Inbox with an amazing shelf life, that enables readers to interact with push notifications directly from your website. Readers can go back to the half-finished article, find that accidentally swiped notification or find that interesting read again, just like that.

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No More Misses. Only Archived Stories.

  • Overcome the delivery hurdle

    Owing to poor network connectivity some notifications might not be delivered to your users. When opened, News Hub will show all the notifications even the ones that might not have made it to the user’s device in the first place.

  • Swipes don't matter anymore

    Accidental swipes are very common. Don't let that hinder your CTRs and pageviews. Notifications once swiped are not gone forever. Find all notifications on News Hub, even if it was swiped.

  • Clear all has never seemed so good

    Subscribers are bound to clear off their notifications as their receive many notifications from apps and websites. News Hub ensures that all notifications are reflected on your website.

Maximize Discovery And Increase Pageviews

News Hub is a replica of the notifications that one receives, but with amazing shelf life, helping increase discoverability. 24/7, 365 days ready with the personalized notifications, helping subscribers click on that interesting notification and get going.

As a publisher, you are more in control with News Hub. Notifications that otherwise would have been ignored or missed, now have a shot of being looked at and clicked upon. Which translates to more clicks - more pageviews - more revenue.



Nothing lasts forever. But notifications do.

 Get readers to read your stories and increase pageviews with help of News Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would News Hub be visible to all readers?

News Hub will be visible to all iZooto Push Notification Subscribers. After a user subscribes to the website they would start seeing News Hub without having to refresh the page.

Would News Hub open up without clicking the News Hub Icon the first time?

No. A click or tap would be required.

By when do push notifications expire from News Hub?

Notifications would stay perpetually in News Hub, provided the user has not cleared cache or removed push permissions.

Will push notification ads be displayed on News Hub?

No. Only content notifications.

How long since News Hub starts showing notifications?

If an already subscribed user opens News Hub - he would see all the notifications received on his device. If a new user subscribes to the website and then opens News Hub - we pull the latest campaigns from their account ( 75 ) and populate in News Hub.

Does it impact ad viewability?

News Hub is complacent with all the guidelines laid by different Ad Partners. Viewable Impression is the metric that is used to calculate Ad Viewability. Google mandates that an ad should show at least 50% of its content for at least 1 minute. Depending on the user behavior, there would be no impact on Ad Viewability.

How should users be seeing the impact? Would reports be available on the panel?

Yes, users would be able to measure Clicks they drive from News Hub. News Hub would also have UTMs embedded inside all the URLs so GA would show comprehensive reporting.

Would News Hub be available on AMP?

No, News Hub is currently not available on AMP.

Will notifications sent via a Playbook or Kepler AI show up on News Hub?

No, currently it is limited to notifications sent from iZooto’s Panel and APIs.

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