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Personalization is more than just adding the reader's name. To genuinely connect and engage with the audience, you need to ensure that your message reaches the right audience with the right messaging. Segmenting your audience according to device, location, interest, and on-site behavior is essential to provide readers with a delightful subscription experience. To top it up, with automation, you can personalize your messaging at scale with zero effort. 

Know Your Readers Like The Back Of Your Hand To Drive Engagement


Segment your audience

Understand and bucket your audiences into different segments based on their location, interest, and on-site behavior to reach out to the right audience.

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Add a human touch to your messaging

Send tailor-made messages even when sent based on segments. Humanize your communication and send relevant updates specific to the readers. 


Share relevant messages

Once you have created segments, ensure that you send the right message to them to build their trust and retain them through out their subscription journey. 


Reach out at marketable moments

Market to your audience at the right moment to get more clicks and engagement. Hit the best time results in more pageviews and time spent on the website. 

Personalize Your Prompts And Capture Reader Preference From Day Zero

  • Different Permissions For Different News Categories

    You can have different subscription prompts for different categories like politics, sports, entertainment and more.

  • Don't Speak To The French In English

    Asking permissions in just one language? Have a specific message in place for every language you have published content in.

  • Not A New User? Don't Treat It Like One

    Have a separate prompt in place for your repeat visitors and personalize the subscriptions for a better conversion.

  • "Local" Is Closer To The Heart

    Maintain your cool by adding user's location tag in your subscription permissions.


Fuel Your Marketing By Personalizing It To The Tee

Make use of various personalization tokens for tailor-made notifications. Put into play out automated playbooks and send a personalized notification every time someone matches the trigger. Engage better and reach your goal quicker than ever before. 

Leverage AI  To Recommend The Right Content  

Our artifical intelligence capability helps you to reach out to readers based on what they have previously consumed on your website and sends relevant notifications. This content recommendation Playbook sends notifications at a time that the readers are most likely to click and engage. This not only builds engagement but also boosts brand loyalty. 

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Activate Dormant Users with Push Notifications

Activate Your Dormant Users

Personalized communication helps you grab attention and wake your dormant users. Get them to revisit your website. 

Retargeting Using Push Notifications

Hit Engagement Metrics

Get readers to interact and drive more page views and increase your average time duration on your page. 

"iZooto is the easiest way to send targeted and personalized push notifications."

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Maximize Discovery with  a Personalized Inbox On Your Website 

Stack all your notifications right on your website. If a reader has subscribed to your notifications personalized notifications that were previously sent to the device will be displayed inside the News Hub. Readers can always go back to News Hub and read the interesting articles they missed out on increasing content discovery and pageviews for your website.
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Must Use Features To Boost Engagment

Segment all the way

First things first. Understand and segment your audience. Only when you segment can you personalize the messaging. 

Put everything on Autopilot

Automate your messaging and get rid of the last min rush. Get on to more important tasks as we take care of distribution for you. 

Ready to use Playbooks

Reach out to readers with relevant notifications every time they match a trigger. Get them to revisit your website and accomplish your goal. 



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